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Indigo is a low-cost airline and the largest carrier in Asia headquartered in Gurgaon, India. The airline operates 1900 flights daily to 108 domestic and international destinations. With its ever-expanding network and fleet size, Indigo provides excellent services. If you plan to travel somewhere with your group, you may make an Indigo group booking. Now, you might be thinking about many things, how to book, their policies, the benefits of making a group reservation, etc. Here is everything you need to know about group booking with Indigo. 

How to make a reservation for my group on Indigo Airlines? 

Suppose you plan to travel with your group for some vacation or even a destination wedding. In that case, Indigo provides an option to book tickets for discounted rates to travel together with your family/friends. You can book tickets online and over the phone. 

Book online 

The online procedure for making a group reservation with Indigo is straightforward and requires only a few minutes. 

  • Open Indigo Airlines' official website on your web browser. 
  • On the homepage, tap 'Book,' and under that, click on 'Group bookings.'
  • On the redirected page, enter all the details like the number of passengers traveling, date of travel, origin and end destination, group type, etc. 
  • Click 'Search flights' and select a flight from the listed options. 
  • After selecting the flight, confirm and enter your details and make the payment. 

Book over the phone 

Indigo provides excellent services over the phone with the help of staff members who are very polite and quick to answer the phone. The steps to call are as follows. 

  • Dial the correct Indigo customer support phone number from your location. 
  • Listen to the computerized IVR and press the keys accordingly as instructed. 
  • Your call might get a hold-up time, so please wait while your call gets connected. 
  • Once on the call with an agent, seek assistance from them to make a reservation for your group. 

What are Indigo Airlines' group booking policies and terms and conditions? 

Indigo offers a hassle-free procedure for booking your group travel. Some terms and conditions and policies must be considered before proceeding with anything. 

  • For making a group booking at Indigo, the minimum number of required passengers is seven or more. 
  • For the check-in process, web check-in is unavailable for groups; it can only be done at the airport check-in counters. 
  • Please ensure that all the names on the ticket match the identity proofs; otherwise, the boarding can be denied. 
  • Group bookings are subject to availability, so booking must be made in advance. 
  • Passengers must arrive at the airport 90 minutes before check-in for domestic flights and 180 minutes before for international flights. 

Can I make changes or cancel my group booking with Indigo Airlines? 

Yes, partial changes can be made to the Indigo group booking with individual names, travel dates, and some additional services too. Passengers can also cancel their travel, but all this comes with a cost, which means a fee will be charged per passenger to make any alterations. 

What benefits does Indigo provide for making a group reservation? 

With Indigo group booking, passengers can avail of many benefits such as - 

  • Cheaper flight tickets
  • Easy changes with the names 
  • Special assistance at the airport or onboard
  • Collective check-in for the group
  • Customer Reviews
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