Icelandair Cancellation Policy

Want to cancel your Icelandier ticket because of some changes in the plan or traveling to somewhere else. Don't panic; this article is for you. In this article, you can find about the cancellation policy of Icelandier, the refund policy, and how to cancel a flight reservation with Icelandair Airlines. Usually, Icelandier Airlines provide a refund within seven to 10 working days. The cancellation policies of Icelandier Airlines are always in favor of the passenger, and a passenger can cancel the ticket without any inconvenience. 

Icelandair Airways cancellation policy

  • When passengers cancel their reservation with Icelandier for any unpredicted reason, the airline provides compensation to its customers.
  • If a flight ticket is canceled within twenty-four hours after booking the ticket, the customer is eligible for a full refund.
  • Airlines provide full refunds (excluding government taxes) to their passengers when tickets are refundable.
  • When a ticket is canceled a week before the departure date, the airline charges a cancellation fee.
  • If a passenger wishes to cancel the ticket on the date of departure, they are not eligible for cancellation of the ticket.
  • The cancellation of the ticket is made after the departure date; then, you are not eligible for cancellation of the ticket because the airline marks you as a "no show" at the time of boarding.
  • When the passenger cancels an awarded ticket, the airline provides the refund in a travel voucher only.

How do I know whether my ticket is eligible for cancellation or not?

The passenger must know whether the ticket is eligible for cancellation or not. There are many ways to know whether you are eligible for ticket cancellation. 

Cancellation Via online: you can check and cancel the ticket yourself online. By following the simple steps given below:

  • Open the official website of Icelandier on a PC or mobile phone
  • Sign in with your user ID and password and press sign in 
  • Click on my reservations, and select the reservation you want to cancel.
  • Then, check whether there is an option to cancel the ticket or not
  • If yes, then cancel the reservation.

Cancellation via phone call: you can contact the customer care executive of the airline to cancel a reservation with Icelandair airlines.

  • Visit the homepage of Icelandier Airlines
  • Go to the "contact us "option, and a new web page will appear on the screen
  • Get the contact number of the airlines from there and dial the number 1 (800) 223-5500 or 1 (802) 636-9417.
  • Follow the IVR instructions, get in touch with airlines, and request the cancellation of the ticket.

Cancellation of the ticket at the airport: a passenger can cancel the ticket by visiting the reservation department of the Icelander airlines directly. Please give them the reservation ID and passenger's name. If you are eligible for canceling the ticket, they will cancel the ticket, and you will receive the refund in your original mode of a transaction within seven to ten working days.

The article mentioned above gives all the information about the cancellation policy. If a passenger is unsure about the plan or trip, they should always book a refundable ticket. It might cost extra money, but it is always a better option. To know more about the cancellation and refund policy, you contact the customer care executive of the airlines.

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