What is the missed flight policy of Iberia Airlines?

Due to unforeseen events, one is not able to arrive at the airport at the right time. What happens in such a case? Do you get a refund or not? These are the questions that hover in the mind of the passengers. If you have a flight with Iberia Airlines, and you are worried if it is missed by any chance, what will happen? If you understand Iberia Airlines Missed Flight Policy, then you will find that the norms are very stringent and how difficult it is to get a refund if you have missed your flight. Therefore you must try to reach your flight on time. But if you get late and have a valid reason for that, you can inform the officials of Iberia Airlines about it. The missed flight policy is formed in such a way that passengers reach on time. You can follow the given instructions to learn about the missed flight policy of Iberia Airlines:

Iberia Airlines missed flight policy

  • Iberia Airlines normally does not provide any refund if you have missed their flight.
  • But if the reason for missing the flight is genuine, then you can contact the customer service of Iberia and inform them about the incident. It is up to Iberia whether it takes your matter as genuine. If it is genuine, you will get a deducted refund, but if your request is not considered genuine, you will not get a refund.
  • Suppose the flight is missed because of the passenger's death or any death in his family or relations. In that case, they must provide the documents like a death certificate to the officials of Iberia Airlines. 
  • If the flight is missed because Iberia Airlines has canceled, you are eligible for a refund.
  • You would not receive any refund if you missed your flight despite checking in on time. Sometimes passengers have to spend extra time getting their luggage checked. Time is also consumed during the security check. But you will not receive a refund despite being late because of the airport officials.

Do you get a Refund if you missed your Iberia Flight?

  • It is extremely difficult to get a refund if you have missed your Iberia flight. Whether the reason for missing is genuine or not, they will strike down your request for a refund.
  • You will get a refund if there is a death case, be it a passenger or anyone in his family or relations. You must send a copy of the death certificate to the airlines; then, they will grant you the refund after deducting cancellation charges and other applicable taxes.

What to do if you missed your Iberia flight?

  • If you missed your Iberia flight, then a refund is very difficult. You must look to book your ticket immediately at the airport if your visit is urgent.
  • The benefit you will get by booking a ticket at the airport premises is that you will get a heavy discount on your booking.

Iberia Airlines has a lenient booking and cancellation policy, but a difficult missed flight policy. You will get a refund only in the case of death or if they found your reason genuine. So it isn't easy to get a refund according to Iberia Airlines Missed Flight Policy. If the visit's purpose is important, you must book your ticket at the airport facility to get a discounted ticket.

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