Iberia Airlines Last Minute Flight Deals

Are you planning to fly out at the last minute, and are you shocked to see the ticket prices? Well, finding a cheap flight at the last moment can be challenging because the prices hike up as the departure date comes close. If you are planning to travel with Iberia, there are chances that you find flights with Iberia last minute flights deals so that you can fly out with ease without breaking the bank. 

Tips and tricks to find cheap last-minute flights on Iberia 

Whether you are going to an urgent business meeting or planning a spontaneous trip with your friends, there are some hacks to find out the tickets under the budget, even at the last minute.

  • Use Avios points - Iberia Airlines transfers Avios points with each travel that can be used for future travel. If you are a frequent traveler with Avios points in your account, you may use that for the discounted fares. 
  • Apply coupons and vouchers - All the airlines, including Iberia, offer various coupons and discounts. The coupons can be found especially on the airline’s social media channels, SMS texts, emails, and even on the official website. Use those offers to get the best deals at the time of payment. 
  • Search nearby airports - If you are traveling to a destination with multiple airports, search for the fares of different airports that are nearby. You will get different fares for each airport, which can also be done for the arrival airport. 
  • Book red-eye flights - The flights that fly at night and arrive early in the morning are usually cheaper because not so many people prefer traveling during those hours. You can book red-eye flights to get tickets at a lower cost and also get other benefits. 
  • Speak to an agent - It is always worth calling and asking an agent from the airline if there are any cheap flights because not every time all the prices are shown on the official site or a third-party site. 
  • Try incognito mode - Sometimes, the official website or a third-party website does not show the original fares. Try using incognito mode to get tickets under the budget. 

Book last minute flights with Iberia 

Once you know how to find Iberia last-minute flight deals, booking your ticket is no sweat. You can book your tickets online as well as over the phone. 

Book online 

The steps to book your tickets online are straightforward and require only a few minutes. 

  • Visit Iberia’s official website on your web browser. 
  • You can enter your flight details from the booking option on the homepage. 
  • Search for the flights and select one with the lowest fare. Also, apply coupons/vouchers/Avios at the time of payment. 

Book over the phone

With the help of Iberia’s accommodating staff members, you can book your tickets over the phone. 

  • Please dial the correct customer support phone number at 1( 800) 772-4642. 
  • Follow the instructions given on the IVR and press the correct keys. 
  • Your call might get a wait time; please wait for your turn. 
  • Once on the call, seek assistance from an agent to book your flight. 
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