What is a Delta voucher?

Delta Airlines offers vouchers or eCoupons to their travelers in case of compensation for Delayed Flights or cancellation refunds for unused or partially used tickets in the form of Vouchers. They have monetary value, which can be applied to the payment for new reservations for different Destinations. The Vouchers can be used only for Airline services like new reservations or add other services to existing reservations.

Where do I see my Delta vouchers?

Passengers who have a Delta Airlines voucher can check the Voucher on the official website of Delta Airlines or at their valid email address. You must need a Skymiles number for  Delta Voucher lookup, and you should log into my profile on www.delta.com and enter the Skymiles number. The Screen will display vouchers or eCoupons which are associated with your SkyMiles number when it is issued and time frame.

How to book a flight with a Delta voucher?

Passengers planning Solo Trips or Group trips want to add Miles or Vouchers to the new reservation. You are allowed to Book Delta Flight with Voucher through an online process and get a discount on original fare prices. You must follow the essential required steps which are described here.

  • You should book a new reservation for a particular Flight to a different Destination.
  • Once you select the specific Flight from the Scheduled Available Flight option.
  • Delta Airlines allows their travelers to use up to five credits simultaneously.
  • You must click on Apply Credits or Vouchers in the payment section.
  • It will show the available Voucher on the Screen; kindly select the credit or multiple credits to apply for the Flight booking and click on redeem. 
  • You can see the price difference after applying for the Voucher. If the fare is less, you can proceed with the payment, or if the food is higher than the original price, you must pay for the actual fare.

Does my Delta flight voucher expire? 

Yes, Delta flight vouchers expire depending on the original ticket expiry date. Most flight tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Passengers must use the Voucher before the given period to enjoy the discount credits on Original Ticket fares. Airlines send notifications to a valid Email address or phone number two days after Expiry.

Delta Airline Vouchers or credits can be transferred to someone else?

Passengers cannot transfer the Voucher to someone else as it is non-transferable, but they can apply for someone else's booking without any restrictions. To use the credit, you don't have to be the owner of the Voucher to travel to different Locations.

Can Delta Voucher be used for extra Baggage charges?

Travelers can use the Vouchers only for new reservations for any destination, like Domestic or International. But these are not eligible to pay for extra Baggage and Gift Certificates.

Can I apply to cancel a flight that a passenger paid through credits?

You are allowed to cancel the Scheduled Flight within 24 hours of booking. The cancellation charge will be deducted, and the remaining amount will be credited into eCredit, which can be used for a future domestic or international destination booking.

How to Check Delta Voucher Balance?

If you want to check the voucher balance, you need to visit the official website, www.delta.com, or else check on Redeem and enter your gift card Information. Passengers can use credits up to Five Times while purchasing a new flight ticket.

Validity of Delta Vouchers?

 The new Policy of Delta Airlines says that Passengers can use the vouchers for one year from the date of purchase. If you purchased a ticket in Jan 2023, you must use the credit amount before Jan 2024 to avoid expiry limitations.

What should I do to extend the Voucher?

If your Delta Airline expires, you can contact the customer service team and ask them to extend the Voucher. Some airlines raise the Fliers Voucher to 2 years. If Airline denies opening it, you can check their Terms and Conditions on the official website.

How do I Convert Vouchers into Cash?

If a traveler has accepted the Voucher, then the Airline will not convert the credits into cash. Passengers can use the Voucher for a future reservation with the same Airline, as it applies only to Delta Flights.

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