How to Book a Flight for 30 People?

Visiting your desired destination with family, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc, is always a memorable experience, and to make your travel easier, most airlines provide you with the facility of group bookings. By using the facility of group reservation you can travel with your complete group on single bookings, but you have to request that well before the departure date. Traveling in a group is easy when you have complete information about the group travel policies, terms & conditions, etc. Still, in case you are unaware of them, then you can contact group bookings agents of the airlines, or you can go through them below.

The group Booking policies of the airlines are below

There are several policies provided by most airlines for group bookings, which you have to follow, and having the information about these policies is essential to make your travel more convenient. In case you are unaware of these policies, then you have to go through them below. 

  • To make the group bookings, there must be at least ten or more passengers required, and if the passengers are fewer, then they have to make separate bookings for each passenger.
  • Each passenger is allowed by the airlines to modify the bookings one time without paying any charges. Still, after that one change, they have to pay charges for any other modification.
  • If there are more than ten child passengers in the group, then it is required to have an adult passenger traveling with them.
  • Customers have to provide their confirmed traveling data at least prior 72 hours before the departure,. If there are any customers in a group who want any special assistance, then they have to request it at least 48 hours prior to the departure. 
  • After making the confirmed bookings, if any customers are unable to travel and want to cancel the ticket, then the airlines will not allow it; you have to cancel the group reservation. 

The process to make the group reservation is mentioned below.

To make the group reservation, customers can visit the official website of the airline, or they can reach the airport counter the airline. But from both these modes, the hassle-free option is to use the online website. In case you do not have information about the process of making the bid of group bookings, then you can go through below. 

  • Visit the website of any preferable airlines 
  • Choose the new bookings section and tap over group bookings 
  • Provide the information on travel dates, number of travelers, contact information, destination name, and departure airport 
  • Further, you must make a bid, and if the airlines select your bid, then they will revert you via email 
  • In that email, there is a form in which you have to fill out the details of other travelers and other necessary information
  • Last, you need to submit that form and make the payments
  • Airlines will provide you confirmation number on your provided emailIDd

With the help of the above information, you can make group bookings and still, you can use the contact number for Group booking if you want any other information. 

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