How much money will be refunded on the Cancellation of a flight ticket?

If you are planning to cancel the flight ticket you have already booked because of unavoidable circumstances and wonder how much you will get as a refund after Cancellation. Then, you can check out the below information and manage your flight booking accordingly. 

How much one can get as a  Refund on Cancellation of flight ticket

 Refund on Cancellation of flight ticket? 

For the customers who have opted for Cancellation of flight ticket, they will be provided with a refund as per the cancellation policy and other factors that are mentioned below: 

  • As per the flight cancellation policy, the passenger who cancels the booking within 24 hours of the flight purchase will be entitled to a full refund without any deduction.  

  • Besides the Cancellation made after 24 hours of the flight purchase, certain cancellation charges and penalties will be deducted from the refund amount. 

  • And if the flight cancellation is made due to other circumstances, then the passenger can reach out to the airline flight reservation department or contact customer service. 

Money will be refunded on the Cancellation of flight ticket

As a customer who knows the process and is aware of things, it is a responsibility to keep a note of all the flight rules and policies announced by a particular airline. So we should keep track of everything related to travel services. Check the airline cancellation policy before canceling the flight. This article contains all the relevant information you need to know before planning a trip to your dream destinations. 

Guidelines of cancellation policy 

Here is a list of the guidelines that are being called to be said under the flight cancellation. Read further for detailed information.

  • The customer can cancel the flight one week or 7 days before the final departure time. 

  •  If you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of your flight purchase, then you will be eligible to get the full refund against your flight ticket, and that too is in an original form of payment. 

  • If you cancel your flight ticket after 24 hours of flight purchase, you are entitled to pay some cancellation charges against your booked ticket. The amount paid as cancellation charges may vary from country to country, from flight to flight ticket, and the number of days you are applying for the Cancellation of the same. 

  • The chargers may lie somewhere between 3000-3500 per Indian currency if you cancel the flight ticket four days or before. 

  • If you take three days before the departure time for the cancellation purpose then the amount to be paid increases to 4000 according to the Indian currency. 

If you need further assistance feel free to get in touch with airline customer service. Thus this a complete information on  How much you will get as a  Refund on cancellation of flight ticket? 

Besides, for any other reason, if the customer fails to process a refund process, then one can reach out to the airline customer service team directly for help and reach out to the expert for help and manage the flight booking in time. So, those planning to cancel the flight booking anytime in the future can check out the information mentioned above and manage the booking accordingly to avoid the problem at the time of travel. 

You can directly visit the airline website for further information on how much you will get as a  Refund on cancellation of flight ticket? or speak to a customer service representative for help, tell you’re the queries you are facing. 

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