How much Luggage is Allowed on LATAM?

LATAM Airlines is known for its baggage service through which you can carry more weight baggage on the flight. If you want to know how much Luggages are allowed on LATAM Airline, it depends on your flight class. However, no matter which class flight you have booked, one hand and carry-on baggage is free. For any help, contact customer service, or if you want to get more details about the luggage, you can read the given information.

LATAM Airlines baggage policy 

  • Passengers can change the baggage details online up to 6 hours before departure.
  • If the passenger has made the check-in with the airport and wants to add a bag, you first have to cancel your check-in and then start the process again. 
  • LATAM Airlines allowed a maximum of 10 checked bags per passenger.
  • The passengers are not allowed to carry baggage weighing more than 32 kg.

Types of baggage allowed in LATAM Airlines

There are different types of baggage that are allowed by LATAM Airlines, and it also depends on the seat class. To know more about the baggage, follow through the given points:

Hand Bag - The airline provides one free handbag to every passenger regardless of their booked flight. For more information, read the given points:

  • The dimension of the hand baggage is 45cm*35cm*20cm (height+length+width), including the wheels and handle.
  • The handbag must be small enough to fit under your seat.
  • If your hand baggage exceeds the size, then you have to pay some extra charges.

Carry-on baggage - When passengers book a light, plus, or upper-class ticket, they are allowed one free carry-on baggage. Read the below information to know about baggage limit and other details:

  • The bag has to be under 55cm*35cm*25cm (height+length+width).
  • Carry on baggage limit is 10 kg.
  • If you have booked a premium economy or business class ticket, you are allowed baggage up to 16 kg. 
  • The bag should fit in the upper compartment of your seat.

Checked baggage - One checked baggage is allowed for Plus and top fares. If you want to know more about checked baggage, then g through the below points:

  • You cannot carry baggage weighing more than 23 kg.
  • The overall dimension of the bag must not exceed 158 cm (length+width+height).
  • If the passenger has booked a business or First class ticket, then they are allowed two checked baggage.
  • If you want to carry additional baggage, the passengers are allowed additional baggage up to 13 kg.

Sports baggage - LATAM Airlines have different terms and conditions on sports equipment like surfboards, golf bags, musical instruments, etc. You can learn more about them by reading the following information:

  • Your sports bag dimension must be 300 cm (Thickness + Width + Height)
  • Special items like wheelchairs or any medical equipment can be taken free of charge.
  • The maximum baggage limit for a sports bag is 32 kg, while in some countries, the limit is 45 kg.

After reading the information below, you must know everything about the baggage of LATAM Airlines. If you need more help, contact customer service, and they will assist you with the information, or you can also visit the airline's official website.

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