Many such situations occur when one has to make last-minute changes. The reason could be anything and flyers have to change or reschedule the flight. It is a common issue and many passengers do this quite often. 

 Airline understands this problem and lets their customer reschedule flights instead of canceling them. If you are facing the same condition and wondering how much does the airline cost to reschedule a flight? Then read below. 

  •  The cost of rescheduling may differ from airline to airline. The range could be anything between $0 to $400
  • Rescheduling cost depends on the type of ticket you have. For example, for domestic and less expensive, rescheduling is not applicable. If you have premium service or membership, then you can change the date
  • The ticket you purchased is non-transferable. You might reschedule the ticket but cannot ask for a refund. It will automatically cancel the ticket and you might have to bear some charges
  • Last-minute rescheduling may generate an additional charge. To avoid any such issues, informing the airline in advance may reduce some charges

 With this, it is clear that charges depend on the policy of the airline. It would be better if you contact the airline and know about the charges. You can also communicate with the live person that is available 24 by 7. 

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