If we talk about the simplest answer to this question, it completely depends upon the guidelines that are put upon the official website of the respective airlines. Airlines like United Airlines do not charge any fees and also make changes in the itinerary of the passengers and that too, free of cost. The simplest way to change or cancel a flight is to complete the action within 24 hours of booking. After 24 hours of booking, the cost to cancel a flight or to change it varies.

After this stage, the passenger is directed to the waiting period. He or she has to wait for the airlines to make the required changes to the flight. These changes include the departure time, the destination, the aircraft or so on. If the cancellation is done within 24 hours of booking, the refund against the air ticket is granted in the original form of money. For instance, in case of Southwest Airlines, if the customer exhibits the reason of cancellation to be genuine like family emergency, then he or she is eligible to cancel the flight at no cost. This also happens if you hold elite status with certain airline.

If the flight has been canceled due to Covid-19, then the passengers should check the guidelines again as according to the research, many airlines are making special exceptions to waive the cancellation charges. To mention specially, United Airlines, which is a major airline of United States, is famous for eliminating the cost to cancel a flight or to even change it.


Except Southwest airlines, all the major airlines of United States charge the penalty fee for cancel or change a flight. The fees that vary from airlines to airlines can be as low as $75 on a domestic flight to as high as $500 on an international flight. If you have elite status with a particular carrier, in that case the passenger is eligible to change your flight for free or for a relatively reduced cost. Following is the data collected on flight change and cancellation policies with respect to different airlines. Read ahead for the in-depth information.


It is one of the airlines that have permanently eliminated the flight cancellation and flight change fees, but if the changes are made on the same day of the departure, some charges will apply. According to the guidelines of the Alaska Airlines, the passengers can receive a refund or credit on future travels on cancellation of tickets.


According to the instructions available on the official website of Allegiant Airlines, the customer must cancel the flight at least seven days before the departure. Please note that Allegiant will not be responsible for the refund the difference nor the carrier charges or any other booking fees, and you'll receive a non-refundable, non-transferable voucher for future travel up to two years from the original date of booking.

There are various exclusions or waivers that state that the amount charged for flight change or flight cancellations may vary or be waived for certain awards fare, depending upon the guidelines of the concerned airlines.

It is very important to note that before placing the booking and moving ahead with the reservation process, he or she must go through the flight change policy as well as the flight cancellation policy to check the cost to cancel a flight. In case you need any further help or assistance from the respective airlines, feel free to find the contact details on the official website and contact the representative available for you at the Customer Service Support. The phone number of all the airlines is easily available on the official website or their official android application.

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