How many Luggage are Allowed on Delta Airlines?

Many travelers are habitual of carrying extra luggage while traveling. Delta Airlines has set a specific limit for the bags that can be carried by the passengers. If you are thinking of traveling via this famous airline for your next-trip, but you are not clear about the luggage policies, and you are curious to know “How Much Luggage Allowed in Delta Airlines?” then you must read the airline luggage-policies and size restrictions information given in the upcoming section. 

Important baggage policies of Delta Airlines;

Travelers must take note of the following important luggage policies of Delta Airlines to carry their bags:

  • They must not carry any harmful device or sharp-weapon along with them during their journey.
  • If the size and dimensions of the bags carried by passengers exceed the limit set by Delta Airlines, then they are required to pay additional-charges to carry their luggage. 
  • Liquids of more than 100 ml are not permitted by Delta Airlines. 
  • Travelers can carry special items such as musical instruments, medical assistive or sports equipment by paying an additional baggage fee to the airline. 
  • The first checked-in bag is free for the passengers who made flight reservations using their Delta SkyMiles. 
  • If you are military personnel, then you can apply your military coupon to get exemptions in your luggage. 

How many bags and weight limits are permitted by Delta Airlines? 

  • Each Delta airline passenger is allowed to carry one carry-on bag and one personal belonging( which can be a small purse, laptop bag, or small backpack).
  • The total dimension of carry-on bags must not be more than 45 linear inches which comprise all lengths, widths, and heights.
  • The size also includes the handles and wheels of the bags. They must fit under the passenger's seat or in the space in the overhead bins.
  • The dimensions of carry-on bags must not be more than 56 cm *35 cm * 23.
  • The weight of carry-on bags can be from 7-10 kg depending upon your traveling country.
  • The total dimension of checked-in baggage must be under 62 linear inches.

What fee is to be paid to Delta Airlines for extra luggage?

Passengers who are carrying extra luggage to their destination need to pay an additional luggage fee which depends upon various factors like your traveling destination and the weight of your luggage. The following fee structure must be noted by passengers:

  • Travelers need to pay $30 USD for the first check-in baggage. They must note the weight of the bag must be under 23 kg. 
  • For a second check-in bag, customers must pay $40 USD. Also, the weight of both bags must not exceed a total weight of 50kg. 
  • Customers can carry up to 10 checked-in bags by paying additional fares if they are traveling on Delta or Delta shuttle flights.
  • If you are traveling via Delta connection carrier flights, then you can only carry 4 check-in bags, and if that cannot be carried on the same flight, then it will be sent through the next flight to your traveling destination.

Conclusion: After going through the airline's baggage policies, your doubt regarding your luggage must have been cleared. If you are confused about any other thing, then you can feel free to contact Delta Airlines customer care services during their working hours to eliminate your confusion. 

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