If you are looking for the process to connect with a Live Agent at Latam Airlines, Here's the process

We all want to be connected with our favorite airlines, whether to read their new policies or avail discounts and programs. Maintaining a strong connection is important, whether with individuals or businesses. Latam Airlines also establishes a human connection with its passengers by ensuring that the passengers can connect with a live agent to resolve the customer's problems.

How to Get In Touch with a Live Agent at Latam Airlines?

Follow the steps mentioned below to get in touch with a live representative via a phone call on Latam Airlines Phone Number.

  1. Go to Latam Airlines' official website.
  2. Click on the 'Help Center' button placed at the top of the homepage.
  3. Please scroll to the middle of the webpage and click on 'Telephone numbers by country.'
  4. Now you need to choose your country from where the call is to be made. Please note that Latam Airlines' customer support services provide call support from inside and from outside the country as well. There are different phone numbers to connect from inside or outside your country.
  5. Dial the customer support phone number 1 (866) 435-9526 or 1 (865) 685-9526 as per your choice, and you will connect with a live representative.

Latam Airlines' Contact Center functions twenty-four hours and seven days a week except in Italy, France, and Germany, where Contact Center is available from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM.

There are other ways to connect with Latam Airlines apart from the call center support. You can choose any method from the ones mentioned below to connect with Latam Airlines to resolve your query.

Email Support

Customer support via email is the most common way to get in touch with an individual or a business. Latam Airlines also provides customer support via email. All you need to do is write a brief email with complete details related to your problem and send it to Latam Airlines' official customer support email address.

You can find the official email address of Latam Airlines' customer support on the 'Contact Center' page of Latam Airlines' official website.

Visit Latam's Office

You can directly visit Latam Airlines' office to get in touch with customer support. Please follow the process mentioned below to locate the address of Latam Airlines' nearest office.

  1. Open Latam's official website.
  2. Click on the 'Help Center' button.
  3. Please scroll to the middle of the webpage and click on 'Office Hours.'
  4. Now choose your country to locate the Latam Airlines' office nearer to you.
  5. Visit the office as per the working hours of the chosen Latam Airlines office.

Social Media

Nearly every other person or organization on our planet has an account on any social media platform, and the same goes with Latam Airlines. Latam Airlines has a strong social media presence and has an official account on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can follow or send a direct message to Latam Airlines' official account on any social media platform of your choice, wherein the account is available.

Hopefully, the information mentioned above can help you connect with a live representative at Latam Airlines' customer support. If you want to know more and clarify your doubts, please visit Latam's official website or call the customer support services.

How do I talk to a representative at Latam?

Operative ways to speak with someone at Latam airlines

Latam airlines allow you to connect with their customer service team in case of any problem. Therefore to connect with the representative, you will get the different ways, and detailed information about all the modes is mentioned below:

Connect through phone call:

The first way to speak with the representative is to dial the phone number 1 (866) 435-9526 or 1 (865) 685-9526. To get the LATAM airlines phone number, you need to do the below process:

  • You are required to open the Latam airlines official website on your device.
  • Then, you need to head towards the contact page of the website to find the different contact ways.
  • You need to tap on the phone call option and add your country or region to find the contact number from the available modes.
  • With this, you need to dial the phone number displayed on the screen and follow the on-call instructions as per your requirements.
  • Once you press the button, your call will connect with the customer representative of Latam airlines, and you need to discuss your issues with them.

Connect through chat:

Another mode is to send your queries on chat and grab the answer. For this, you need to open the Latam airlines contact page and tap on the chat option. The live person is 24 hours available for the assistance of the passengers.

Connect through email:

You can also compose your issue and send them to the Latam airlines customer service team. Once they receive your request, reach you at your given phone number. With this, you can speak with someone at Latam airlines about different problems.

How do I contact LATAM Airlines?

Airlines and queries go hand in hand. Nobody is inherently aware of all the policies surrounding an airline company. Going through the details point by point is exhausting, and wouldn't you rather spend that time on yourself?

Instead of skimming through the internet to directly find the Latam Airlines contact number, why don't you follow the given steps and get the exact number?

Steps to get my Latam customer care number

Latam Airlines has dedicated an entire website to the sole purpose of customer care; this means it does not have just a few toll-free numbers; rather, it manages area-wise multiple numbers. Availability of many numbers is the reason why getting one specific number on the internet is a hassle. But you don't have to worry, go through these simple yet useful-Steps to get the number for your area

  • Visit the Latam Airlines official customer support page 

  • Select the region where you want the support. It could be your destination or departure location. 

  • Next, the site needs you to select your sub-region, narrowing the search.

  • Now, you will see numbers for different types of queries.

Latam Airlines divided queries and concerns into smaller topics. So you have many customer care numbers for a single region. You have to select your query type. This step brings you to the end of your quest for Latam Airlines contact number, so believe it or not, this is all you need to do. Also, if you don't see your region, your flight details are regularly updated on the official site. So keep visiting it to stay in the loop.

Get a brief guide about how to contact Latam Airlines.

Latam Airlines offer a number of facilities to contact. If you want to contact Latam airlines, you can go through the various ways to interact and clear all the queries that you have.

Via customer service phone call

  • Visit the operative website of Latam Airlines and reach the customer service section.

  • Pick up and dial the customer support toll-free number 1 (866) 435-9526 or 1 (865) 685-9526 of Latam Airlines.

  • After dialing the number, you have to follow the various IVR instructions on the call.

  • You can press the particular number according to your query or can skip all the number press options.

  • In order to speak to a live agent of Latam Airlines, you can wait for a while so that your call can be redirected to one of the live service experts of Latam Airlines.

  • Once your call gets redirected, you can clear all the queries that you have and can get the required issues clear immediately.

Online chat

You can also get on a quick live chat session with one of the service experts of Latam Airlines. All you need to do is visit the support section and click on the “chat” option to start texting your questions. The auto-generated messages give you get quick assistance.

The above is the quickest and easy way to contact  LATAM Airlines Customer Service. The customer support of the airlines is available 24/7/365 to serve you with all the information that you have. Also, you can drop your concern through the Email services provided by the airlines.

How do I call LATAM airlines from the US? 

Travelers can connect with the customer service department at LATAM for help with their flight bookings. You can select any medium to connect with the customer service professionals working at LATAM. 

How can I call LATAM from the USA? 

Travelers can stick to the below-mentioned ways in order to speak with someone at LATAM airlines: 

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official LATAM website to get the contact details for calling the customer service representatives. 

  • Select the contact us option on the page and you will find the contact list on your screen. 

  • Select the contact number for the USA in order to speak with an executive from the US. 

  • Dial the number 1 (866) 435-9526 or 1 (865) 685-9526 and you will get in touch with a representative from the airline after a short while. 

  • Also, select the right prompt in order to connect with the designated department for help with your flight bookings. 

  • Discuss your issues and queries with the customer service and support professional on call to receive an effective solution for your flight reservation. 

The US customer service email address for LATAM is also available apart from the LATAM contact number USA under the contact us option on the page. You can select any customer service option that suits you best. 

Travelers can also request a customer service live person to arrange a call if you are from the USA. You can connect with the support professionals via the live chat option. This is one of the most preferred among passengers who require instant help and solutions as far as their reservations are concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can we speak to someone at LATAM? 

Ans. If you are planning to carry your dog to your traveling destination via LATAM airlines and you wish to know the pet policies of the airlines, then you can reach LATAM Customer Service and gather all the mandatory guidelines. In the following section, all the information to reach the airlines is given; you can use it for reference.

Multiple options to contact LATAM Airlines: 

Select phone option to reach LATAM Airlines: If any person wishes to talk to a live representative at LATAM airlines, then they call them by dialing the official Phone number 1 (866) 435-9526 or 1 (865) 685-9526 (OTA No); the call will be answered by a computer-generated voice that will provide you with an IVR mentioned below:

  • Press 1: To book your tickets
  • Press 3: To manage your booking
  • Press 5: For luggage-related issues
  • Press 7: To request special assistance
  • Press #: To request a callback

As you dial one number, your call will be forwarded to the corresponding person to get the desired assistance.

Via live chat: This option can also be utilized to get assistance. The following points must be followed to use this alternative:

  • Visit the official LATAM airlines website.
  • Navigate to the contact section.
  • Select live chat and send your issue to get desired assistance quickly.

Q. How can I Get in Touch with LATAM? 

Ans. When it comes to making reservations or canceling them, everyone needs help. And it is important to contact the airlines regarding your issues to avoid hassles at the time of your flight departure. If you would like to contact LATAM Airlines Customer Service, you can use the below methods.

Phone call:

If you wish to contact a representative of LATAM Airlines for your inquiries, you can always use the customer service number of LATAM Airlines.

  • If you want to get in contact with the representative of LATAM, Check out LATAM Airlines' website.
  • Select "Help Center" from the dashboard's menu.
  • Click the Phone Call option after scrolling down the page.
  • Depending on your region, choose LATAM Airlines' customer service phone number 1 (866) 435-9526 or 1 (865) 685-9526.

Live chat:

If you get annoyed with the long wait on phone calls, you can use the live chat option offered by LATAM airlines.

  • You must visit LATAM Airlines' official website.
  • After selecting the help center, scroll to the bottom.
  • Upon clicking the chat icon, the chat box will be displayed.
  • Give the information requested and guidelines that are given on display to speak with a LATAM Airlines representative.


You can use the above steps to contact LATAM Airlines, or you can also visit the website for more information.

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