Pile up procedures to request special assistance on LATAM.

Suppose you and your family want to fly with LATAM Airlines, and some members are senior citizens, and you want to get special assistance so all your family members can board the plane on time and in a feasible manner. So, you can request special assistance on LATAM Airlines, and below is a detailed discussion about different ways you can adopt so your journey can become remarkable. 

Learn the different methods to request special assistance:

How to request special assistance through a call?

Suppose you want a wheelchair, someone to take you onboard, etc., and assistance from the airline. In that case, you are suggested to dial 1 (866) 435-9526 or 1 (865) 685-9526, and the airline's customer executive will be assigned to provide you with resolutions. You must listen to IVR options in order to get a live person:

  • Press 0 to choose your preferred language. 
  • Press 3 to book or cancel your flight with LATAM. 
  • Press 5 to request a refund. 
  • Press 9 for other options. 
  • Press # to talk to the customer executive of the airline. 

Is it possible to request special assistance while ticket reservation?

If you ever wonder to request special assistance, you can also do so while making a reservation on LATAM. So, you are suggested to read out the below-mentioned points, and you will have a brief idea to request:

  • Visit the official website of LATAM Airlines. 
  • Tap on the My Trip option available on the home page. 
  • Once tapped, choose your flight. 
  • In the same form, you will find the Special assistance request option, tap on it and make a special assistance request to the airline. 

Can you request Special assistance at the airport?

There are instances when you forget to request special assistance in advance, but when you reach the airport, you realize the same. So, to clear all your doubts, you are suggested to read out the points in order to get the answer whether you can request and get special assistance at the airport. Have a look:

  • You can visit the Airport Help desk to request special assistance, and the airport staff will ensure to offer you assistance so you can have your trip hassle-free. 

Is it good to request special assistance in advance with LATAM Airlines?

There is always a concern among passengers related to how early or late they must reach out to the customer executive of the airline to request special assistance. Please have a look:

  • It is always suggested to inform or request special assistance from the airline before arriving at the airport because they get enough time to prepare assistance. 
  • If you inform late or make a request at the airport, there are instances when assistance is offered late, though the airline ensures to provide the best assistance. 

Are there any charges for requesting special assistance?

You do not need to incur any fee to the airline for requesting special assistance as it is provided for the ease of passengers who are in need. 

This discussion will assist you in all the possible ways to request special assistance from the airline, and you will be able to get the best experience.

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