How Do I Make a Complaint to Spirit Airlines? 

You want to make a complaint to Spirit Airlines, then no worries; here you will get the full cooperation. Many a time, whenever; we fly with any airline some of us experienced troublesome flights eventually with no information, we feel helpless, frustrated and do not have a clue what to do or where do I can complain about it. Occurrences take place which are random in fashion, for example, if your interaction with Spirit Airlines executive was not a healthier one and did not satisfied with his service or help so, in such case you can make a complaint to the company. 

While filing a complaint, keep in mind to be logical with your assertion/statement. For example, if your first experience with any flight is not as good as you expected or some service issues are addressed by you in such cases, you can’t ask for a full refund but you can avail some offers (as a flyer voucher) by mentioning it. You are always open to make a suggestion or give your valuable feedback to Airlines companies for improving customer experience and comfort. Airline Company can only take action on a complaint if your concerns and points sound valid and rational.

Never be in a rush whiling filing or writing your complaint, put aside little time to evaluate your concerns, does that make sense.

Follow these simple instructions for How to Make a Complaint to Spirit Airlines?

  • Firstly, visit the website of Spirit Air Lines i.e.,
  • Once you are on the web of spirit Air Lines, see the right corner “Contact us” clicked on it.
  • After clicking, you will have the contact information right in front of you.
  • As you reached the contact information, scroll down a bit and use the “Email Option” for writing your complaint.
  • If you prefer to email, there will be a form to complete it and, the email will be transferred to an expert, soon he’ll answer.
  • This form is about whether you are complaining or give compliments choose your option wisely. 
  • After choosing the option of Complaint, you will have a Complaint topic box with numbers of automated generated complaints if any of them doesn’t match your problem, and then select the "other" from the listed option
  • You will be asked for few details in the form such as Confirmation code, Travel date, Flight Time, Ticket no. and Flight No.
  • If it is not satisfactory looking for Phone Number then from website select the “Contact us” click on it and scroll down. 
  • While scrolling down, you will have the half of page for ‘Most Common Questions “. In this section, the first question is How Can I contact Spirit Airlines by phone or email. Click on it to excess the contact numbers. 
  • Now, you can have all different contact numbers for a different location.

If you are making Complain via Phone

Make sure you have on hand documents like ticket number, your flight numbers, destination cities, and dates of travel.

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