How do I Get my Refund from EasyJet?

If a person has bookings with EasyJet and wants to obtain the information related to the refunds just in case they have to cancel their bookings, then further you will learn about the policies. There are a number of conditions for which a passenger can ask for a refund. To learn about those conditions, you will require to read the EasyJet Refund Policy, which you will find further.

Refund Policies of EasyJet 

The conditions for which a person can demand a refund from EasyJet are listed down below:

  • If they cancel the flight ticket before the departure time of their flight, then a refund can be requested from the airline. 
  • EasyJet provides a full refund to those flight ticket cancellations, which is done within 24 hours of purchasing. 
  • Refund for the flight ticket cancellation after 24 hours of purchase will depend on the factors like flight route, destination, time, and date.
  • Refunds will not be provided to those passengers who did not show up for their fight and did not cancel the bookings on time. 
  • A flight cancellation from EasyJet due to technical issues or weather conditions will provide an alternate flight or a full refund to the concerned passengers. 
  • A passenger can cancel their flight due to a severe health issue and can ask for a full refund from EasyJet. It will require the medical documents to get approval for a full refund. 
  • Refunds on the same platform are allowed only for EasyJet refundable flight tickets.
  • The refund for cancellation of non-refundable flight tickets will be provided as travel points or travel vouchers. 

Methods to Send Refund Request To EasyJet

If you want to claim your refund from EasyJet,, you must submit a refund claim request. It can be done online by filling out a refund form, or you can opt to contact a live person for the same. Here are the procedures of both methods for sending your refund request to EasyJet. 

Procedure for filling out Online Refund Form:

  • Head to the website of EasyJet on your device,
  • Then log your account to the website to access your booking activity,
  • Select the “Manage Booking” tab,
  • There you will find the details of your canceled flight ticket,
  • Now pick the Refund option on the page,
  • It will get you to the refund form page,
  • Now fill out all the columns with suitable information,
  • Then press the submit button at last.

After acquiring these steps, your refund form will be sent to EasyJet successfully. Then you will receive an email with the refund request copy along with a number which will help you to track the status in the future. 

Procedure to contact EasyJet for refund request

A passenger can submit the refund request to EasyJet through their representative by reaching out to their customer service. They need to provide all the information related to the flight that has been canceled and the personal details to the concerned representative. They will help you to submit the request. Here are the steps for reaching out to EasyJet customer service:

  • Dial the contact number +44 (0) 330 5525151
  • Connect with the representative,
  • Ask to submit a refund request,
  • Give all the flight and personal details they ask for,
  • Then the request will be submitted to EasyJet Airlines. 
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