How Do I Get my Call Back from British Airways?

British Airways has this understanding that a customer may not pick the call up sometimes due to personal issues or because they are stuck in their daily schedule or traffic. In such a case, the customers can request the airways to get a callback. Also, you have this feeling that you may forget to make a call so you can schedule a call back from Airways. The article reveals the ways to request a call back; keep reading the article for a better understanding.

What are the ways to request a call back from British Airways?

Airways has formulated a number of different ways using which customers worldwide can make requests to get a callback. You can use any of these methods, whichever is suitable for you. The British Airways Call Back Option to request a call back is given as follows:

Through Phone Call:-- When getting late to talk about the issue elaborately with Airways, then make a phone call to its customer support team quickly and request them to make a callback to you at a time preferred by you. Dial the contact number 1-800-247-9297 or 1 802 636-9417 and follow the IVR to request a callback.

  • Press 1 to book a new flight
  • Press 2 to know the flight status
  • Press 3 to request a callback
  • Or you can press * to speak to the British Airways live executive to schedule a callback.

And you will receive a callback from them at your chosen time.

Note:-- Be available at the time you have chosen to attend the callback.

If you are trying to contact Airways constantly, then their team will revert a call to you.

Through Live Chat Session:--This is another method using which you can make British Airways request call back from its customer support team. You need to converse with a live virtual agent here and ask for a call back at a particular time. You will be responded to on the spot. Later you will receive a callback at the time you prefer. Follow the given steps to avail this option.

  • Visit the official site of British Airways
  • Go to the Help and Contact page
  • Here you will see the chat option as Start Chat in the right corner of the page; click on this icon
  • The chat box opens
  • You can send the greetings first and get a quick response
  • Now write to request a callback
  • Do not forget to mention the date, time, and number properly.

On the submission of the callback request, you will get a call from the Airline at your chosen time.

Through SMS:-- The Airways executives also revert a call to their customers who have sent them a callback request. You need to type HELP and send it to them. You will get a call back soon.

Send Email:-- You can also write an email that explains your situation in an understandable manner. The official email address is Airways will make a callback to you if the issue is significant and needs to be discussed.


Many of the queries of customers have been answered by the Airways so you are recommended to visit its official site. On-site, you will get a lot of information and solutions to issues related to your itinerary. 

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