Simply request a refund from Brussels Airlines by multiple ways

After making the flight cancellation with Brussels Airlines, you are seeking for now what to do. So, while searching, you get the solution of taking a refund from the airline. Therefore, you look for the procedure to take the payback and whether the Brussles allow you to take money from them for flight cancellation. Thus, the Brussels Airlines Refund Policy states that you can readily request a refund from the airline for canceling the flight. And, if you don’t know how to acquire it, get through the ways stated below under this article. 

Request a refund by manage booking- 

  • Open the Brussels Airlines web portal. 
  • Select the manage booking tab. 
  • Mention the reservation number and last name under my trip page.
  • Click on the find my reservation option.
  • Then, view your booking details.
  • Tap on the cancel button and cancel your flight.
  • Afterward, you must select the tab refund and tap on it.Request a refund by filling out the appropriate information in the form.
  • Choose the button to submit and get its confirmation of the successful submission of the payback form.

Afterward, the refund will be credited to you in the original form or E-voucher form within up to 14 working days.

Request a refund by mailing:

The refund will be credited to you when you request it by mailing. Therefore, you have to write a letter, and there you must enter all the information of the ticket and refund request information and send it to this address, Lufthansa German Airlines, 37 She'erit Israel Street, Jaffa, Zip code 6816522.

Request a refund by calling

Moreover, the airlines allow you to attain a refund by calling also. Therefore, to take it, you have to call the Brussels customer service on their phone number, +32 5 333 81 81 / + 32 2 723 23 62 or +32 2 808-4231. After connecting the call, you heard that the call converts into the IVR automated section. Listen to it carefully and press the button as per your request.

  • Press 1 to select and change the language
  • To upgrade the flight ticket, press 2
  • Press 3 to reserve a ticket and seats on the Brussels flight
  • To cancel and request a refund, press 4
  • Press 5 to contact the direct agent of the airlines
  • To get the information regarding the flight, press 7
  • Press 9 to make changes in flight, date, name

Thus, after listening to it, you requisite to press the 4th option to request a refund. After tapping on that button, the airline's person needs some ticket and passenger details to share with them. After that, request a refund and get its confirmation over your phone.

Request a refund by email: 

Also, by emailing Brussels Airlines, you can quickly request a refund. Therefore, go through the page (, and there you will get some ways, go to the email section, pick the email address, and move to the mailbox. Compose an email and request a refund at ​ And, send them. 

Furthermore, you can acquire the payback from Brussels Airlines within 10 to 14 business days. And, while taking it, or if the airlines didn’t send your money within the given time, reach at their office or call the agent at 1 (800) 401-1801. And, by talking with them promptly, resolve all difficulties, or attain refund from them easily.

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