How Do I Contact Cape Air Customer Service?

Cape Air is one of the most important flights of the United States that serves almost 36 destinations around the globe. It knows how to deal with the customers and help them when they need assistance.

There are many times when we feel to talk to the customer service of the airline due to issues like flight booking, cancelations, and refunds. You can very easily get help from the website but if you are not able to do the steps on your own, you can contact Cape Air Customer Service and resolve all of your doubts. If you also want to get in touch with them, you can follow different methods in this article to reach them.

How can you contact Cape Air?

You can contact them via many ways like call, text, email, etc. we will guide you with the steps one by one.

Method 1: On the website

  • You need to go to the official website of Cape Air 
  • You will see a Search box that says “Ask us”
  • You just need to enter the keyword or your problem in brief
  • You will get many solutions regarding that with different links
  • You can either read the solution or you can follow the next method.

Method 2: Via Phone call

  • If you didn’t get the answers on the website, you can go to the homepage of Cape Air
  • Scroll down to the bottom where you will find the Customer Care option
  • After clicking on that, you will be able to see numbers related to different problems
  • You can either choose the number for general queries or you can select the different services.
  • After dialing Cape Air Contact Number you will be able to talk with the live person on call.

Method 3: Via Email

If you want to send your problem by email and want to have a written record of the conversation, you can choose the emailing option.

  • You can find the email option at the bottom right corner of the homepage  
  • Once you click on the message symbol, you will be asked to enter your email id and your full name
  • You will see a box where you have to enter the problem and click on send

Method 4: Via Facebook

If you weren’t able to get help from the above methods, you can go for the Facebook messenger option

  • You just need to click on the F icon at the bottom right side of the homepage
  • You will be asked to log in to your Facebook account
  • After logging in, you will see the Facebook page of Cape Air
  • You can click on the message option and type your query on messenger.

Method 5: Via Twitter

This option is best for you if you are not getting replies from the customer care department which doesn’t happen usually, you can use this option

  • You need to go to the bottom of the homepage of Cape Air
  • You will find a bird option that you need to click
  • You will see the Twitter page of the airline 
  • You can tag their Twitter handle and write your complaint tagging higher authorities
  • You will get your query solved within few hours of the complaint

You can also connect with them on LinkedIn and get to know the company in a better way. You can message them on their LinkedIn account stating your problem briefly. Similarly, you will find the Instagram account of Cape Air where you can directly message them and get a reply.

So, this article was all about Cape Air Customer Service. You can choose any of the methods and get in touch with them easily.

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