The process to claim compensation from TAP Portugal. 

Time Punctuality is the key requirement that must be met by any airline to ensure smooth and trouble-free functioning of the flights. Airlines don't leave any stone unturned to arrange a proper schedule of the flights and try their level best to bring it into action, but no matter how hard the airlines try, there are always some chances where flights either get delayed or canceled, and the customers demand compensation.

One must be aware of the compensation policies before requesting the same. The following article will give you a TAP Portugal compensation policies overview & guide you in following the procedure to claim your compensation.

TAP Portugal compensation policies:

If you want to Claim compensation from TAP Portugal, you must be clear with the TAP Portugal compensation policies.

  • For the customers whose flights get delayed or canceled, Tap Portugal generally provides you with the next available flight.
  • If your flight gets delayed for more than 3 hours, then you are eligible to request compensation from the airline.
  • When a flight is overly booked, and a customer is involuntarily forced to board a different flight which causes a delay in the time of arrival than the expected arrival time, customers can make a compensation request to the airline.
  • If you are informed about the flight cancellation before 14 days of your actual date of departure, the airline is held liable to provide you compensation.

Always make sure your reason for claiming compensation must be under the control of airlines. The following reasons are exempted, and the airline is not liable to pay you compensation:

  • Any mechanical issue.
  • Any delay caused due to safety and security.
  • Any delay caused due to bad climate.
  • Due to any political instability.
  • Due to some incidence at the Airport

All the above-mentioned reasons fall under the category of extraordinary circumstances, and TAP Portugal is not liable to pay you compensation.

How to claim compensation from TAP Portugal: 

You need to follow the following procedure in order to Claim compensation from TAP Portugal step by step.

  • Step 1 : Visit the official TAP Portugal website.
  • Step 2 : Now, from the menu bar, select the option of "contact us"
  • Step 3 : It will navigate you to a new page and click on the help section.
  • Step 4 : Now select the compensation form available on the bottom side
  • Step 5 : Fill all the fields in the compensation form that includes your name, age, booking reference number, date of departure, boarding station, destination, etc
  • Step 6 : Clearly mention your reason for claiming compensation.
  • Step 7 : Attach all the supporting documents required to verify your claim.
  • Step 8 : Click on the submit button. 

Once you request to claim compensation, it will take some days to process your request, and if your reasons are found valid, then the airline will proceed with further procedure.

The above-mentioned policies must be kept in mind in order to claim compensation from TAP Portugal. Also, follow the correct procedure and mention your reasons in the compensation form clearly so that it becomes for the airline and your compensation request gets approved.

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