Guide on Online Check-In procedure with Air China

If you have a flight booking or a reservation with Air China and you need to go through the Online Check-In procedure, the only problem you are facing is you’ve got no idea how to do the same; in that case, follow through.

Online Check-In with Air China

You can check-in online on your Air China flight ticket with the help of the ways mentioned below;

Official Website- You can take help from the official website of Air China to complete the check-in procedure online in a hassle-free manner;

  • With the help of a preferred browser, visit the official Air China website.
  • Once the page loads, it will showcase different section boxes.
  1. Country or Region
  2. Language
  • Enter your region and the preferred language in the dedicated section boxes.
  • After you select the relevant details, click on ‘Go.’
  • It will then redirect you to the official Air China website.
  • Now, locate and click on the option ‘Online Check-in’ present in the main section box.
  • A new drop-down menu will appear after that.
  • You can then check in by entering specific details related to your flight booking.
  1. Ticket Number, Passenger’s First Name, Flight Number.
  2. Passport Number, Passenger’s Last Name.
  • You can choose from any of the two methods mentioned above.
  • After entering all the relevant details, click on the option ‘Continue.’
  • If you have any special Air China meal requests, ensure that you go through the meal selection procedure before checking in online.
  • Now, click on ‘Continue’ and print your boarding pass.
  • You can share a copy of your boarding pass to your registered mobile number or official email address as well.

Air China Application- You can check-in online with the help of the official Air China application;

  • With the help of your device's application store, download the official Air China application.
  • If you are not a user, complete the registration process to create and continue your Air China account.
  • Once the application loads up, tap on the ‘Online Check In’ option present in the side menu of your application.
  • It will ask you to enter the reference number and the passenger’s last name for the flight to complete the online check-in procedure.
  • Enter all the required official details and tap on ‘Continue.’
  • You can then go through all the post-check-in options and confirm your flight booking with Air China.
  • You will receive a pop-up or a notification on your registered numbers and emails regarding the check-in procedure with your Air China account.

Air China Online Check-In Time

If you wish to check-in online on your Air China flight, you can do the same between a specific time period of 24 hours to 90 minutes before your flight departure time. You can have a physical or a digital boarding pass after the check-in procedure has been completed.

Henceforth, all the points listed above will help you with the Air China Check In procedure. You can have a hassle-free and enjoyable flight with Air China effectively for your benefit and advantage at the same time.

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