How do I call United to Change my Flight?

When we booked our flight with any Airline, we booked it in a joyous spirit. We do not know if something will happen at the last moment and we must change our travel plans. So, for that, you can either go with the online process or use the United Airlines Flight Change Phone Number to connect with United Airlines. But sometimes, when we do it online, we get into trouble, so you can simply connect with United through a call and ask the representative if they can help you. And to learn the proper procedure, you can read the mentioned information. 

Mention the steps to call United Airlines for a flight change. 

If you have to change your flight with the help of United Airlines, then there is an easy procedure that you can learn, and you will be helped by United Airlines in-flight changing. And for the procedure, you can read the steps mentioned below. 

  • Place a phone call at 866-263-7950 or 1 (860) 864-8331 this number. 
  • Keenly hear the IVR instructions. 
  • And press 1 to choose English. 
  • Press 2 for the reservations and doubts related to that. 
  • Press 3 for flight cancelations and refund-related questions. 
  • Press 4 to reserve a special assistant. 
  • Press 5 to request a callback. 
  • Press 6 to learn about the special services. 
  • Press 7 for the flight change and queries related to that. 
  • After pressing seven again, listen to the IVR and tap the number accordingly. 
  • After pressing all the numbers, you will be asked to connect with customer service for flight change press this number. 
  • After speaking with the representative, tell them your ticket reference number and last name. 
  • And tell them your flight change itinerary to. If the flight is available according to you, then they will book that for you. 
  • You can give the extra charges by clicking on the link, and you will get the registered 

Email id. 

Write the flight change policies of United Airlines. 

If you want to change the flight that you booked with United Airlines, you can do it easily just by following a simple procedure and some important policies to keep in mind. And if you want to know, then you can read the mentioned points. 

  • If the passengers are making changes to their flight on the same day of booking, then they are not required to pay any flight change charge. For that, they are free to make changes to their travel itinerary. 
  • Travelers can only make changes in travel dates, destinations, departure or arrival, and airport or in-flight classes. 
  • If you make changes to the flight after the given time, then you have to pay the flight change charges. Only then you can change your flight. 
  • If the passengers make changes due to a severe medical condition, then they can change their flight but should submit the documents within seven days of flight changes. 
  • If your travel itineraries are changed by United Airlines due to technical faults, then you are not required to pay any flight change charges; instead of that, you will get compensation from the Airline for that. 
  • In the case of the sudden death of any family member, you can make changes to your flight but submit the death certificate of that person. 
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