Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy

When a passenger has sudden plan changes or has any health issues, they want to cancel the flight ticket. Before canceling a flight ticket, a passenger must know how to cancel a flight and the Cancellation Policy. The Hong Kong Airlines Cancellation Policy is set up in favor of passengers only. It is very important to know these policies before canceling a flight. Read the policies below and then cancel your flight reservation with Hong Kong Airlines:

Cancellation policies of Hong Kong Airlines:

  • Airlines will charge zero cancellation fee when a flight ticket is canceled within twenty-four hours after making a reservation.
  • When the ticket is canceled after the flight's departure, airlines will provide zero refund because they will mark the passenger as a "no show" at boarding.
  • When a flight ticket is canceled an hour before departure, airlines will not provide a full refund.
  • Passenger has to fill out a refund form before canceling the flight ticket.
  • After filling out the refund form, a passenger cannot withdraw the cancellation of a ticket.
  • Airlines will compensate their passengers when a flight ticket is canceled due to health issues.
  • When a flight ticket is canceled because of any unavoidable circumstances from the end of Hong Kong Airlines, the passenger will get a refund of the full amount.
  • The cancellation fee of Hong Kong Airlines depends on the type of class, seat, and date.

How to cancel Hong Kong Airlines flight ticket

It is as easy to cancel a flight ticket as to book a flight ticket. Hong Kong Airlines understand their passengers, and they sometimes know due to some reasons, a passenger can cancel their tickets, so that is why the policies are made in favor of passengers only. After knowing all the cancellation policies of Hong Kong Airlines, a passenger can cancel the ticket in different ways:

Canceling a flight ticket online: Hong Kong Airlines provides the facility to book and cancel a flight ticket online. To cancel a flight ticket online, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the official website of Hong Kong Airlines.
  • Log in to your account by entering your ID and password.
  • Go to "manage my bookings," select the booking you want to cancel
  • Then check whether you are eligible to cancel the reservation or not
  • Then click on cancel and fill out the refund form if you are.
  • Lastly, click yes on the last checkbox to confirm the cancellation.

Canceling a flight through customer service: a passenger can cancel the flight ticket by contacting the customer care executive of the airline. A passanger can contact the customer care executive through a phone call or live chat. The live chat box and the contact numbers of Hong Kong Airlines are mentioned on the airline's official website. Get in touch with the airlines, and fill out the refund form, and cancel your tickets.


The airline gives its passengers twenty-four hours to cancel a reservation. When the reservation is canceled after twenty-four hours, airlines charge you some cancellation fee. The refund of the canceled flight ticket is processed within seven to eight working days.

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