What is Delta Airlines Infant Policy?

Delta Airlines will provide you with affordable flight options so that you can travel to your destination with full comfort and without affecting your budget. Airlines also provide the facility for the infants who are traveling with you. You are fortunate that the airline provides dedicated seats for your toddlers and benefits. For all these, you need to follow the Delta Airlines Infant Policy that has been flexibly planned by the senior authorities so that your entire journey will be complete with ease till you reach your dream destination. The policy has been made so that a trustworthy relationship can be built between airline authorities and clients. 

According to Delta airline'sAirlines infant policy, if you are traveling with your child whose age is not more than 2 years old, then you have the option to travel with the child by taking them on your lap ( infant in arms ) or travel with the child in an FAA approved child safety seat but for FAA approved safety seat you need to buy a separate ticket of your child so that the toddler can have his toddler seat. 

  • If you are traveling internationally with your child in your lap, then you need to book a separate flight which is generally 10% of adult fare along with international taxes will be applicable. After this, you need to notify the Delta team so that they can list your child on the ticket. 
  • If you are traveling internationally with a child in a separate seat, then you need to pay for the adult fare ticket, and please bring an FAA-approved child safety seat. So that your child can travel peacefully. 

What are the guidelines given by the American airline for traveling with the child ?   

  • You need to make sure that the child restraint seat should be as per the FAA guidelines. 
  • Be sure regarding the child restraint seat that its functions are working properly and are free of obvious defects. 
  • You need to secure the child as per the manufacturer's instructions and make sure that your child's weight should not exceed the restraint weight limit. 
  • At last check, the child restraint seat is securely attached to the aircraft seat with the help of the aircraft seat safety belt. 

Avoid the following areas to sit if you are using a child safety seat.

Some seats are not acceptable while traveling with your children because these seat areas can be problematic for you. 

  • You can avoid aisle seats to attach your child's seat. 
  • You can also avoid the seats near emergency exit rows. 
  • Do not waste your time at Bulkhead Seats in case your child's safety seat is a combination of the car seat and a stroller. 
  • Aircraft such as Airbus A330-200 or A330-300 aircraft have flatbed seats in the Delta One area, which is not suitable for attaching the child safety seat. 

How to add a child to your Delta airline flight ticket ? 

  • Go to my trips option. After that, move to the special Service requests section and choose Open under the Infant in Arms section.
  • Select the add button for the flight on which the infant or child will be traveling. 
  • At last, fill in the mandatory fields and click on confirm. 
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