Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy

Many rules and regulations accompany a flight change, but Frontier took one step further with passenger comfort and prepared the policies keeping the flexibility in mind. Passengers who are about to book a ticket or need to modify their existing one should look at the importance of Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy before diving into the process.

Use WORKS to assure free flight change

If there is a chance of flight change or cancellation, Frontier has your back. Choose to use the WORKS at your initial booking. When you book with WORKS, you have the freedom to change your flight at any time before the departure for free. No penalty or an extra fee is needed to make changes, and you are even eligible to get a full refund whenever you cancel your flight. In addition to this, you will also get the best seat on the flight with complimentary baggage check-in(for one bag) and one free carry-on bag.

Flight change fee when not using WORKS

The Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy dictates that you pay the following fee based on when you decide to make changes to your already booked ticket.

  • $0 if you change your flight 60+ days before the scheduled departure.

  • $49 for flight change 59 to 7 days before the departure, and

  • $79 when you change within 6 days of departure, including the date of flight.

Purchases made through Flight Flexibility

Flight Flexibility is another option similar to WORKS, which guarantees free flight change. Following rules are executed when you decide to use this option,

  • You can modify your flight to a new one, but you need to pay the difference in fare and ensure no residual amount is left.

  • Under Flight Flexibility, the Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy states that you are allowed to use this option only once in a session. When you do, you have the right to make changes to both directions of a round trip and different fight dates. Hence, you must make all the necessary changes in a single go.

  • Any changes you wish to make must be completed on the official website or by using the official app. 

  • The changes must be updated 24 hours before the scheduled Frontier departure.

*The most important feature of this policy is that you should not call a call center or any Frontier support executive to use the option of Flight Flexibility. For safety reasons, the Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy states that If you do, you would have to pay an extra fee, followed by immediate termination of this benefit. 

Other important details

  • If you are not using WORKS or Flight Flexibility, you need to pay the applicable fee as per the provided data.

  • If the new flight fare is less than the original one, you are not liable to get the residual fare amount once you complete the process.

  • You have two options to make changes on the travel day- standby travel and same-day confirmed alternate flight changes.

  • You can not add destinations in the standard travel option, but Frontier Airlines Flight Change Policy allows you to do it in the case of the second option.

For more details, please get in touch with Frontier Airlines. The airline will be happy to discuss their flight change policies and give you a better idea.

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