How Do You Check if Flights are Cancelled?

Cancelling flights is a reality of travelling, your flight will be cancelled at different times like bad weather, delayed flights, plane problems or issues with airlines cabin staff can cause flights to be cancelled from the schedule. And when a cancelled flight makes a problem you can face some of the stress by checking on your own flight status before visiting the airport. Instead of waiting for long to resolve the problem or reschedule your flight and wasting time to entertain yourself by watching other flights  takeoff and landing, you can rebook your flight from the comfort of your own place, then spend the time doing something you actually want to do. 

  • Go to your airline website: in case you are facing problems or other emergencies you should check the notification that your flight is cancelled from the particular airport. Otherwise click on the check my flight status, which might be visible at the top or or navigation bars on the main page of the airline. 

  • Search for the flight as if you are going to reserve a new flight ticket, if the Check the status of your flight does not match or show up, that is a clear indication that your flight is cancelled. 

  • Enter your flight information: it depends on the airline if you are able to Check the status of your flight using your reservation number, or you need to enter your flight reservation number and favored, then click on the correct flight number option and then your flight status will be displayed on the following screen. 

  • If you are having problems with the internet or you are not having web access just call the customer service, most of the airlines have automated flight toll free numbers, and you need to enter the flight date and number of the travel and the system will tell you the status if your flight is cancelled or not. 

At lookfare our goal is to depart on your own time, but on the events weather and other occasions impact your schedule, we know that your time is valuable and we will do our best to get you back on track. If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you miss the connection, don't panic, we will rebook your flight on the next available dates. 

We will route your baggage automatically when you board for your flight.

There are 3 different ways to check your new flight or to choose other flights. 

  • Go to the flight website

  • Change or Check the status of your flight 

  • Use a kiosk at the airport

Setup notifications alerts to stay up to date on your flight and your boarding reminders

Things to Remember

Remember when you reserve your flight sign up to receive the text or email confirmation to make any changes to your reservation schedule. Your airline will notify you when your flight status changes. In some cases when major things are happening, airlines will automatically cancel flight tickets and rebook passengers. If your flight is affected then the airline will call you directly to inform you about the alternative flight arrangements. 

Some other travel websites offer the ability to Check the status of your flight from any airline to your destination. The process of these sites is the same as checking the airline specific sites: Just enter your flight number and your destination and you will receive the up to date flight information. In some cases you can check a  main route or airport to get an overview of the cancellation that affected your particular flight region. 

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