Stop worrying about missing an Emirate flight 

You might be a little tense if you have missed your Emirates flight. But it is not at all a concern to be tense about. There can be multiple reasons behind missing an Emirates flight. Emirates Airlines is famous for its luxurious flights, but on top of it, the important thing is that it is famous for its transparent policies. Emirates missed flight policy ensures flexibility and privileges to its passengers. The policy allows you to cancel your flight reservations within 24 hours from the booking date, and you shall receive a full refund.

Key points on Emirates cancellation policy

  • The reservation cancellation charges do not apply to each booking. If you want to cancel your entire booking, the cancellation charges fee applies to each passenger.
  • You could initiate a flight cancellation request if reservations were made online. Canceling a reservation online is a convenient and hassle-free way as upon canceling a reservation, the refund gets processed automatically.
  • Cancellation charges for the non-refundable reservation are $200 if you cancel within 24 hours, and the balance will be refunded back to you as per the original form of payment. But in case, if the cancellation is initiated beyond 24 hours, then Emirate will not process any refund.
  • Flight cancellation charges for the refundable reservation are $200. If you cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours, the airplane ticket's balance amount will be initiated as a refund. You will receive the balance amount in the original form of payment within 7-10 business days.

Request a refund 

Emirates provides the provision to keep your ticket and use it any time in the coming 24 months. Emirate does not charge any extra fee to change your flight or destination. Still, you want to request a refund, please follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  • Go to Emirates' official website.
  • Scroll down to the end of the homepage and click on 'Help and Contact.'
  • Choose 'Refund Request' on the Help and Contact page.
  • To initiate a refund request, you are required to fill in and submit the refund form.
  • Provide your departure date of the booking, departure airport, and arrival airport. These details are required by customer support to find your booking.
  • Give in your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Now select your refund type. The Emirates will process any refund as per the fare conditions.
  • Then fill in your ticket number, choose the original mode of payment and click on 'Submit' to finish the process.

If the flight ticket is purchased from a travel agent, kindly contact your travel agent for a refund request. Emirates will send you the refund confirmation to your registered email address or mobile number. 

There is no doubt why people choose Emirates for good customer support. Emirates missed flight policy makes sure that you do not need to go through complex processes to avail refund on reservation cancellation or missed Emirates flight.

However, if you want to get more information about the Emirates' flight policies, please visit Emirates' official website or call their customer support mobile phone.

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