Guidance to Make a Group Booking on Egyptair

When you plan to make a destination wedding, cultural program, sports events, etc., in which several passengers are included, you can choose the option of a group booking. Making a reservation using the group bookings facility will help you as you can enjoy the benefits of offers, and you do not need to visit the website repeatedly and reserve the tickets. If you are a passenger of Egyptair, you can enjoy the benefits of offers, deals, vouchers, etc. If you want to make the group bookings, you can also do it, and if you want to know the detailed information about this, you need to read below. 

Group booking policies of Egyptair are given below. 

  • If the passenger makes group bookings, they have to include more than ten passengers in their bookings; for a group of fewer than ten passengers, the group booking option will not open. 
  • The passenger can only make the group booking by connecting with the representative on the phone or by visiting the nearest office of Egyptair. 
  • If the passenger is making the group booking before 60 days of the boarding date, then they will not need to provide the details of all the passengers. They can reserve the flight by showing the details of seven passengers, but they need to show the details of the rest of the passengers 14 days before the departure date. 
  • If the passenger makes the bookings on the official website of Egyptair and wants to change the passenger's details, then they can do it without paying any charges. 
  • If the passenger makes the group booking, they will get a connotation on their provided contact details in which everything is included like fare, hotel, destination name, number of passengers, etc. If the passenger agrees with that connotation, then they will have to reply within 48 hours after that; that connotation is invalid.
  • The connotation price of the bookings is equal to the ticket, and the passenger can only use the mode of the card to make the final payments. 

The procedure you must follow to make the group bookings are mentioned below. 

  • First, you need to visit the authenticated website of Egyptair in your search engine. 
  • Next, you need to click on the new bookings from the page. 
  • Following this, you need to click on the group option for the available options, fill out the country's name with code, and submit the details. 
  • After this, you will receive a number you need to make a call +1 718 751 4850 or +1 (802) 636-9417 on that number, and then you have to choose the preferred language. 
  • Further, you have to follow the IVR instructions. 
  • Press 1 to book the new flight 
  • Press 2 to change the flight 
  • Press 3 to cancel the flight 
  • Press 4 to make a group booking 
  • Press 5 to connect with the representative 
  • Press 6 to know about miles 
  • Press 7 to luggage-related issues
  • Press 8 for information about disabled passenger 
  • Press 9 to go back menu 

You have to choose the option as per your preference, book the flight and then receive a confirmation message on the mentioned contact number and registered email id. 

Following the above steps, you will know about the Egyptair Group Booking. Still, if you face any issues, you can also connect with the official representative of Egyptair. They will guide you and provide you with solutions to your concerns.

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