Egyptair Flight Change Policy

Egyptair is a flag carrier airline of Egypt owned by the state. The headquarters of Egyptair is situated at Cairo international airport. Passengers love to travel with Egyptair and always have excellent reviews to give about the airline. If you are planning your next trip somewhere, consider traveling with Egyptair. The policies of Egyptair are very flexible as well. If you have already made your booking with Egyptair and need to change the plan, like a flight change, then you must go through this article. 

What are the policies for changing my flight to Egyptair? 

In case you need to change your flight, you must know about the flight change policy of Egyptair. When you are fully aware of the policies of the decisions you will make, there remains no scope for any confusion. Knowing about the terms and conditions makes you more careful, and you will not have to face any consequences in the upcoming time. Read all the policies carefully that are given below: 

  • If you want to change the dates of traveling, the amount you have paid for the booking will be accepted on any new booking date to the same place with the Egyptair change booking fee and any applicable fees difference for one-time change only. 
  • No refund would be permitted, and the entire booking value would be converted into a travel voucher, which passengers can redeem the coupon to purchase new flights. 
  • According to the Egyptair flight change policy, if you think of making a fresh flight booking using a travel credit voucher, if the fee difference is less comparatively, the value of its residue will not get refunded or changed into any travel credit amount. Suppose the fee difference is higher, then the passengers will have to pay the change fee to complete the request to rebook the flight. 
  • According to the Egyptair flight change policy, travelers will be allowed to change the booking within one day of the actual booking date, and you will not have to pay any flight change fees. Passengers will have to pay for any applicable charges. 
  • Once you finish the flight change process, the reservation becomes irreversible; However, the travelers can change the date and time of traveling to the booked destination, and it will remain subject to applicable fees. 
  • Egyptair flight change policy suggests that it is not allowed to change the traveler’s name on the tickets that have been booked already. 
  • Whether you have booked your ticket on a regional or international flight, you must change the booking within 24 hours before the flight departure. 
  • Ensure you always enter the correct details whenever you are asked about any documents needed in any procedure related to your Egyptair flight booking or change of flights. 

These policies are needed to be read and applied by the viewer in order to have a hassle-free experience with the flight and make smooth variations that will further save your time and money. 


Here is the Egyptair flight change policy that you must read carefully to keep things in mind while you change your flight. You must thoroughly review the rules and regulations and act accordingly to avoid facing any issues that will leave your flight change process incomplete. 

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