How to Call Delta Airlines from France?

If you are looking for ways to call Delta Airlines from France. So, you can refer to the ways to form a connection with Delta Airlines as they are listed below: 

Ways to communicate with Delta airlines. 

Through Calling 

Calling on the Delta Airlines France Phone Number is one of the best and the most prominent ways to contact the airlines. The calling method provides in-depth answers to your queries in the most explained form. So, the steps to call are written below: 

  • You have to first dial the toll-free number of Delta airlines on your handset.+33 (0) 9 69 39 17 79
  • Initially, at the beginning of the entire process, you will connect with the IVR, and it will ask you to select your language to talk with the human assistant. 
  • Press the number related to the language you speak.
  • The IVR will now ask you about the reason for calling the customer care department of Delta Airlines. 
  • Press the number related to your calling query and wait for the IVR to process, and connect your call to the assistant available on the other side. 
  • Once you are connected with the live executive, then you can consult your issue with them and get a resolution.  

By Live Chat 

Live Chat is another communication method with the upper hand over the other. It provides the answer in a very quick and spontaneous manner. So, that becomes the reason for it to be one of the most exemplary communication methods.

  • You should first open the official website of Delta Airlines. On the homepage of the airlines, you will find the option to open the contact page of Delta Airlines.
  • When you are on the contact page, you will witness the Live chat option in the bottom right corner of the page. 
  • Click on the option and get the airline’s virtual assistant in the Chat with you.
  • If possible, it will help you. Otherwise, it will connect you with the real assistant further, and then they will make sure to provide you with a resolution. 

Across Social Media 

Social Media is another high-class method to contact Delta Airlines, not just for contacting from France but anywhere in the world. The ground on which these social media platforms are promoted is that you can only interact with anyone from any part of the world. So, different communities can be found on the leading social media platforms. 

You must simply type your query in the message box of the other social media platforms except for Twitter. The moment the customer department sees your query, they will answer you. And, for Twitter, you can tweet your concerns to them, mention their Twitter handle alongside, and get the airline to notice your tweet and resolve your query. 

So, the official social media handles of Delta airlines are written below to assist you. 


All the most prominent ways to talk to Delta Airlines are covered above, so you can refer to them and get the help you require. They are always available to provide you with their assistance. 

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