How do I Talk to a Live Person at Alitalia Airlines?

If today’s era would have a name like the Copper or Iron age, it could be very appropriately called the Internet age! The internet is everywhere and all-encompassing nowadays, and admittedly almost anything is available or action can be initiated if one knows to do so. And airline companies have already put this to significant use. 

Because of the widespread availability and the ease of access, many aviation services are now providing almost every option to their passengers through their websites. Be it booking, changing, or even canceling a flight ticket, the online portals can do it all. However, despite all of these highly sophisticated technological choices, sometimes it’s a real, live human who is needed to do the job

Does Alitalia provide live customer support?

Each Airline company provides its passengers with multiple customer support options. Among these, if you are to fly with Alitalia soon and need some Alitalia Airlines Customer Service support, then read on. Alitalia does provide live voice support for their customers as described ahead.

How do I reach out to live Alitalia Airlines Voice Customer Support?

The significance of proficient customer support in any airline is indispensable and Alitalia Airlines provides great Customer Support to cater to its flyers. You can get a support executive in the following manner:

  • Visit the homepage of Alitalia Airlines and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • The customer support helplines would be listed and you can choose the one relevant for your current location.

  • Dial the number +1 (800) 223-5730 or +1 (802) 636-9417 and an automated answering machine will list you further options. Follow the commands carefully and choose the options suitable for you.

  • The automated answering machine will then connect you to a live support representative according to the choices you made.

  • The representative will answer shortly and you can let them know about all the queries or assistance you require.

A few more pointers

  • Alitalia doesn’t provide the live chat option for customer support. You would have to reach out to the support executive on voice call.

  • There is no official email address for the customer support team provided by Alitalia.

  • The Alitalia airlines may soon provide these facilities. One can always visit the official website and look for the support details in the customer support section and if in case the above mentioned support methods are launched by the airlines, they will be updated at this page.

  • Nevertheless, it can be mentioned here that the Alitalia voice support executives are efficient and diligent regarding the assistance and support to be provided for Alitalia Flyers. Thus, any support medium can help with the kind of support you need in the best possible way.


Thus, one can always try to look around the homepage of Alitalia for specific options through which the desired action can be performed by the individual themselves. However, if for some reason that isn't possible or preferable then one can use the customer support contact numbers to reach out to a live person from the Alitalia Airlines Customer Service team. 

It may be noted that with time, other customer support measures may be implemented by Alitalia and one can look for them on the website itself, but for now, contacting a voice support executive is the best way.

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