Can you cancel a Delta flight last minute? 

Delta Airlines operates a massive number of flights every day across the globe. On those flights, numerous passengers cancel their tickets owing to different reasons. Among the cancellations, some are done during the last moments before the departure of the scheduled flight. So passengers usually have several queries on  Delta Airlines Last Minute Cancellation and the rules pertaining to it.

Delta Airlines allows passengers to cancel their tickets at the last moment with regard to a few terms and conditions curated by the airline. Please read on to learn the cancellation policy and process of Delta Airlines. 

Delta Airline last minute cancellation policy:

  • Passengers can cancel the tickets a few hours prior to flight departure on payment of cancellation fees.
  • It is necessary that the flight must be canceled before the departure of the scheduled flight.
  • In case the passenger misses the flight, cancellation rules will not apply. 
  • If the ticket is canceled 24 hours before the scheduled flight, a cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If the ticket is canceled on the same day of booking, no cancellation fees will be payable.
  • When the ticket is canceled after the risk-free period, an amount will be payable as a cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation must be made according to Delta Airlines' terms and conditions.

The process of ticket cancellation:

Online cancellation: 

Often, under emergency situations, passengers have to cancel the flight ticket a few hours before boarding the Delta flight. In that case, the online procedure is very beneficial. Just follow the given steps below and cancel the tickets online:

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines
  • Click on My Trips on the homepage
  • fill in your confirmation number, first and last name of the passenger
  • Click on the search sign
  • Choose ticket cancellation from the list 
  • Pay the cancellation charges 
  • Enter the other details of the flight and passenger 
  • The cancellation confirmation will be sent to your email address.

The online ticket cancellation can be accessed from the Delta App on your phone. 

Call to cancel the tickets: 

Suppose you have a few queries regarding the last-minute cancellation and, after that, the refund; you can call customer service for assistance. Go through the steps below to cancel the ticket with help from a customer service individual:

  • Call 800 221 1212
  • Hear the IVR and follow the guidelines
  • Press the number to connect with a customer service person
  • Share your queries and request to cancel the tickets
  • Provide complete information on the ticket
  • Pay the last-minute cancellation charge
  • The customer service person will immediately confirm the ticket cancellation and provide other relevant information.

Airport cancellation: 

If you are at the airport and, for a health emergency, you are unable to board the flight, please reach a Delta counter and get assistance with the cancellation of the ticket. The person on the Delta counter will provide the necessary help and information for the last-minute cancellation.

Delta Airline Last minute cancellation fee:

 According to the rules, when a passenger cancels a ticket just a few hours before the flight departure, a cancellation fee is charged by the airline. The amount payable is approximately around 99$ - 199$, depending on ticket fare type and destination.

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