Can I Get A compensation for a delayed flight

If your flight is delayed you can get the compensation or refund, you just need to make sure you know the compensation for delayed flight rights so that you can not pay the extra amount in your pockets. 

The Rule of flight delays

  • If the passenger booked a flight that departed from the UK or Europe, then the passenger is protected by the Denied Boarding Regulation, or EU regulation 261/2004. 

  • If the passenger takes more than four hours to arrive at the destination airport, then he could also be eligible for EU compensation for delayed flight, and it is up to $600 per passenger. 

The passenger Entitlement for  Delayed flight 

What help you will get depends on the length of your delay and the length of your flight route. 

Flight delay for more than two hours

If the flight is delayed for more than two hours and and its depending on the flight route which means how far you are flying, if your flight is delayed then your airline has to give you: 

  • 2 free phone calls, emails and faxes. 

  • Refreshments and meals appropriate for the delay.

  • Free hotel accommodation and hotel exchanges or transfer if an overnight stay is required. 

If your flight is  delayed for more than 5 hours or more

If you do not take the flight: 

If you don’t take the flight the airline legally has to provides you the following: 

  • a full compensation for delayed flight or full refund. 

  • A full compensation for different flights from the same airline that you won’t use in the same reservation. 

  • If you are part-away then a flight back to the airport you originally departed from. 

  • The passenger should get the refund amount within 7 days of the date of the flight.

  • To get the flight compensation, talk to a travel agent for the airline as soon as possible when you  do not want to take the flights. 

  • Every passenger who is affected by the flight delay can claim compensation for delayed flight if the delay does not happen due to extraordinary circumstances.

Flight delays for more than 5 hours

If the flight is delayed for more than 5 hours then the passenger is entitled to choose being rerouted to a different flight or getting the compensation or refund, just as if the flight is cancelled. And every passenger who is affected by the cancellation or delay is entitled to claim flight delay compensation if the flight delay does not happen due to extraordinary circumstances.

Timeline for the claims compensation

The passenger can claim compensation up to six years after the delayed or cancelled flight, in that case your flight is flown out or in a UK airport. 

Claim flight delay compensation

  • If the flight is arrived more than 3 hours late at its destination, then each affected passenger is eligible to claim compensation for delayed flight

  • The compensation always depends on your flight length, and the reason for the delay will affect how much you can get as compensation. 

  • With EU Denied Boarding Regulation, you can claim your flight delay compensation

Can passengers  claim for extra out of pocket expenses for a delayed flight?

Yes you can claim for any extra out-of-pocket expenses under the Montreal Circumstances, as well as the compensation you will get under the EU Regulation 261/2004. 

For instance, these could be included if your flight is delayed caused you to: 

  • Miss a event night of pre booked flight accommodation

  • Miss a event or concert for that you have bought tickets to 

  • Miss a day of car rental which you have already booked 


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