Can I Get a Refund If My Flight Time Is Changed?

You have booked a flight to your dream destination and you are almost ready for your trip, but suddenly the airline sends you an email or calls you to notify you that your flight schedule has changed. 

To be honest, Airlines are famously mean with the refunds, especially if you purchase a non refundable flight ticket. Yet, a flight refund might be conceivable, it depends on your personal or particular circumstance. Every airline handles it differently. 

So, when your flight time is changed you might be thinking  Can I get a refund if my flight time is changed ? Low cost airlines will offer you a refund in some cases, yet if the flight time is changed is a considerab;e change. The airlines settle on refund choices depending on the situations. 

If the airline changes your flight time you might be eligible for a refund, yet, similarly as with most airline approaches, you will need to contact the airline in regards to your particular circumstances, if your airline changes your flight time after you have reserved ensure your new schedule leaves your sufficient opportunity to get any other available flight. 

Here are the refunds rules if your flight time is changed by the Airline: 

  • If your flight time is changed directly through the airlines, then you will be eligible for receiving a full refund on your flight ticket. 

  • If your flight schedule is changed most other airlines provide the compensation and if you miss your connecting flight because of this. 

  • If your flight changed the schedule time without informing you at least 14 days prior to the scheduled departure time, then you will also get the refund. 

  • You can also make a refund request if you have a non refundable ticket or refundable ticket, then you can make a refund request  from that particular airline.

A flight time change occurs when the airline inform a change to your flight time after you have  booked your flight ticket 

If the flight time is changed and you are informed about the same before 24 hours of the planned departure time, at that point you are entitled to get another flight or to get a  full refund of your ticket. 

  • If the time of your flight is between 1-2 hours, compensation of rs. 75,000.

  • If your airline terminal has been changed from which you have booked your flight, then you are entitled to get measures of traveling to the first one. If the airline informed you earlier 6 hours before the change in the terminal then you should make your own arrangements. 

  • Furthermore, if you have been given an elective flight and you are waiting for it then you will get the dinners and rewards  during that holding up period through the airline. 

With the exception of minor flight changes, the passenger can get the refund when the airline makes changes in your flight time. At the end of the day, the passenger is eligible for a refund in instances of "significant  flight schedule change" and flight cancellation. Note that the airline may offer you a rerouting rather than a refund. As we said previously, if substitute flight does not exactly measure up you then don’t hesitate to cancel it, and request a full refund for all things being equal. 

With all help of the above mentioned ways, now, you know Can I get a refund if my flight time is changed in a very simple manner. But if you still have any query then you can contact the customer service team for result oriented help. 

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