How to Book Wheelchair Assistance in Air France?

Various Airlines worldwide provide exceptional services to cater to the different needs of their customers. These services include assisting any passenger with restricted mobility arising from being differently-abled, illness, or old age.

Air France also offers such services, and one can opt for assistance, including the option of booking a Wheelchair for the flight. Those specifically looking for guidelines on wheelchair assistance on an Air France flight can go through the next couple of sections that talk about the same topic.

How to book an Air France flight with Wheelchair assistance?

One can book an Air France flight with wheelchair assistance by using the Air France website or calling the Air France reservations team or the special Saphir assistance.

Via website:

  • Get on the Air France website, use the "Book A Flight" menu, go through the usual booking process, and continue until the passenger detail web page opens up.
  • On this page, one can click on the "Additional services" menu and then check the Wheelchair assistance option.
  • Confirm the flight booking by paying the difference in the fares, and an email will be sent to the provided email signifying a successful combination.

Via Saphir support:

Saphir support is the special service assistance of Air France, which aims at facilitating easy travel for Air France customers in 20 countries around the world. One can dial the Saphir contact number to get wheelchair assistance on their flight booking, and the following steps can access these phone numbers:

  • Go down to the bottom of the Air France homepage and click on "Assistance to passengers with reduced mobility" under the Help and Contacts menu.
  • The web browser will load the Saphir webpage, and one can click on the dropdown menu by the name of their country.
  • Dial the contact number 1 (800) 237-2747 or 1 (802) 636-9417 under the dropdown menu to get to a Sapphire agent.

Can I bring my mobility vehicle or Wheelchair on board?

For people who have limited mobility, bringing their Wheelchair or personal mobility vehicles is available. Though a wheelchair can be brought on board if it complies with specific rules, a personal mobility vehicle isn't allowed on board in any case. Air France allows two wheelchairs or personal mobility devices, manual or electric, to be transported as checked baggage. One is advised to book a flight 48 hours before the flight departure and to check in at least 2 hours before the departure so that the Airline can best arrange the transportation and handling of the devices.

Manual Devices:

  • One can bring the manual devices like a wheelchair up to the boarding gate or the aircraft opening.
  • The devices will be delivered back to the owners soon upon exiting the aircraft at the destination.

A wheelchair can be brought on board if its dimensions are within

  • 27 cm/11 inches of depth
  • 94 cm/37 inches of width
  • 90 cm/ 35 inches of length
  • 65 cm/ 26 inches for the wheel diameter
  • 15 cm/ 6 inches for the wheel's cumulative thickness

Electric Wheelchairs:

Electric wheelchairs and other personal mobility devices must be checked in as baggage and cannot be brought on board. The electric devices cannot be reclaimed at any stopover point, except for special reasons, and the devices will be returned on baggage delivery. 

Onboard Wheelchairs:

Air France airplanes are equipped with two onboard wheelchairs. Flight assistants will help the passengers in wheelchairs if they cannot move on their own, barring the washroom usage.

One can also contact the Air France customer reservations service to Book Wheelchair Assistance in Air France. The agents will readily help you with the services needed for a smooth journey.

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