How to Book Multi-City Flights on Ethiopian Airlines? 

Passengers can connect with the customer service representatives at Ethiopian airlines for flight reservations. You can contact the customer service department at Ethiopian airlines and can get help with your flight bookings. Dial the customer service hotline to get help and assistance with your reservations by reaching out to the reservations department working at Ethiopian airlines. 

Proceed with Ethiopian airlines multi-city flight booking

People can also stick to online reservations. One can proceed with their reservation online by visiting the following website Here is a step-by-step guide that one can follow in order to proceed with Ethiopian airlines multi-city flight booking. 

  • First and foremost, travelers need to visit the official Ethiopian airline's website in order to initiate flight reservations. 
  • Next, people need to select the reservations option on the homepage. If you are unable to find the reservations bar on the page, you can select the flight option to initiate bookings at 
  • Select the flight type from the available options on the page such as one way, multicity or round trip. Travelers need to select the multi-city flight option. 
  • Proceed with entering the required details on the page such as the arrivals and departure place or airport.
  • Next, passengers need to select the ravel dates from a drop-down list. Also, mention the number of total passengers that are going to accompany you on your Ethiopian Airlines flight. 
  • People need to select the multiple cities that they wish to take as far as their flight booking is concerned. 
  • Select the travel class and then hit the search flight option present at the bottom of the page. 
  • Travelers need to select the flight they wish to take from the available options present on the search page. 
  • Proceed to the payments page and complete the payment using any of the payment options available on the payments page. 
  • Receive a flight confirmation number or PNR in your email. 

Can I get support with a multi-city flight booking at Ethiopian airlines? 

Passengers can contact the customer service department at Ethiopian airlines by reaching out to the customer service team. Professionals at Ethiopian airlines are ready to offer ample support and assistance to travelers as far as a multi-city booking is concerned. You can reach out to the customer support executive at Ethiopian airlines by composing and dropping an email on the customer service email address released by Ethiopian airlines to offer support to people having Ethiopian airlines reservations. 

Can I talk to a live person at Ethiopian airlines for online bookings? 

People facing trouble with their online reservations at Ethiopian airlines can connect with a customer service live person to get instant and effective solutions for their reservations or any other reservation-related complication or query. You can start a live chat by entering the required details and posting your query where prompted. A liver person will connect back in an instant to answer your queries. Live chat is available 24x7 and offers ultimate help and solutions as far as your reservations are taken into consideration. People can further request a call back from the customer service department at Ethiopian airlines by requesting it online via live chat.

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