Want to Book International Flight Tickets Through Google flights? Here is a Detailed Procedure for your Reference

Are you looking forward to booking your international flight tickets using google flights?do not worry. Today almost everyone prefers to book their flights via Google flights as they are faster than the other flight search engines. They provide a calendar-based fare view, making it easy for us to choose the cheaper day to fly.

However, if you wish to Book International Flight Tickets using Google Flights but have no idea, the article below will help you with this. Reading the article below, you can book your flight anytime without any fuss. So let's get started.

How to book an International flight ticket on Google flights?

When you use google flights to search for any flight, you have the option to book either a direct flight from the airline or you can opt for a travel agent by visiting their site. Sometimes you also can book a Google flight by completing the transaction with the airline or any travel agency by staying on google.

In that case, google works as a mediator to securely pass your information on to the airline or agent, and it is not the party for the transaction. If you log in to your Google account, you can complete the booking procedure using the information related to contact and payment info stored in the account.

Easy steps to book an International flight on google

  • First, go to the search page of Google flights. 
  • Now select the flight section, and choose the button Book on google
  • You need to enter the passenger's details, including name, gender, birth date, telephone number, and email address; click on the tab Continue.
  • You can select the flight and follow on-screen instructions to complete the booking procedure.
  • Once your booking is processed, google might send you a confirmation email from the airline or travel agent.
  • Your booking will not be considered confirmed if you don't receive an email from the airline.
  • You need to select a payment method already stored, or you can also enter a new one and click on the continue button.
  • Depending on the availability, you might be able to see the option to select seats. If you want to select a seat before the reservation, click Add seats. Besides, you can also select a seat by visiting the airline's official website after the reservation.
  • Select the seat for each booking, each leg of the flight, and then click on the done button
  • Please review the details and flight itinerary and ensure it is correct; click on Book.
  • Once you complete it, google will securely pass the traveller and payment details to the airlines or the agency, whatever you choose.

After the booking is made

Once the booking is made, you get an email from the airline or the travel agency.

As the airline or travel agency is responsible for the booking, they will provide customer support, including processing changing flights, cancellations, taking care of claims or complaints, etc.

Payment options and transaction details

After the booking is confirmed, your card might get charged. Some airlines or agencies may place a temporary authorization on the card when processing the booking request.

So, going through the information above, you can Book International Flight Tickets via Google Flights anytime. However, if you get stuck at some point or don't receive the confirmation email, you can speak to the airline directly.

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