How Can We Avoid Flight cancellation charges

You might have heard your relatives talk about  the huge fees charged for cancelling the flight tickets. And at the same time other relatives boasted about the train ticket's low deduction fee. But as we all know that Airline Cancellation Charges are too heavy and sometimes it goes up as a 100% deduction fee. To avoid the extra charges the passenger should have reserved their flight ticket at least 3 months before the departure date. 

If you book a flight ticket in advance, the airline offers a good discount on early bird flight tickets. This allows passengers to get the flight ticket at a cheaper rate. With early flight tickets, there is a chance of some future emergencies due to which passengers might have to cancel their flight ticket. 

According to the Research, almost 9% of the flights booked through the online travel site are cancelled and rescheduled. On Paytm, the ratio lies between 10-15%. According to flight rules and the regulations, if a passenger does not check-in for the flight 45 minutes before the departure time. The total amount can be fortified except government charges. This means that passengers can lose their money on the flight ticket. 

The rules and regulations implemented by the government on Flight ticket are: 

  • Cancellation charges can not be more than original charges plus the fuel surcharges.

  • All the taxes must be refunded.

  • Traveler service charge and the user Development charge fees must be refunded

  • The refund process should be free of charge. 

Even after this, passengers look forward to bringing down their losses from the flight cancellation. Here are a few ways by which you can  Avoid flight cancellation charges 

Zero Cancellation Offer: There is a wide range of ways through which passengers can book a flight ticket. Many of the online sites offer a free of cost cancellation. And sometimes these cancellation offers come with  little amount of fare. The passenger has to pay this amount to be eligible for this offer. The passenger should have to compare these offers as they differ from the site to site. All these offers depend on the route of the journey, travel dates and many other travel related factors. 

Checkout the terms and conditions of the airlines. Sometimes the amount is refunded to you only when your flight cancellation is done 3 hours before the flight booking. While some airline sites are extended up to 1 hours. 

Travel Insurance:  the other simple way to save your money on the cancellation charges is by getting travel insurance. Travel insurance covers many other travel related thind apart from cancellation charges. For example:  This may  include loss of baggage, medical expenses, and the travel insurance is generally a fraction of your total flight trip. 

Though it varies airline to airline or insurance to insurance as the rules and the regulation might be differ. If you are going to travel somewhere it is also important that you should get travel insurance online to avoid the Avoid flight cancellation charges. The time that the pandemic is going on is not safe  and one must check through various travel websites and various travel insurance plans. 

The other best way to avoid Airline Cancellation Fees

TO Avoid flight cancellation charges, here is a list of some possible strategies: 

  • Look for a travel Waiver 

  • Always keep an eye for schedule changes. 

  • Always remember the 24 hours of flight rules

  • Have a good to cancel the flight

  • Pay through your credit card and considered credit card coverage

  • Earn Elite status

  • Use a credit card to cover your travel credit fee. 

  • Do not pay cancellation fees until you have to. 

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