A complete guide on the pet policy of Allegiant Air

If you wish to travel with your pet, you can choose the Allegiant Air flight. This airline welcomes your pet and makes a special arrangement for them in the cabin. All you need is just to inform the airline about the pet in advance. To carry a pet along, you need to follow some rules defined by Allegiant Air. For detailed info on Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy, you can refer to the article explaining the policy.

Pet policy Allegiant Air

When you want to take your pet along in the flight, you need to follow Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy. The policy comprises of rules and terms for the safe travel of the pet as well as the other passengers on the flight. You can carry small pets in the cabin of Allegiant Air flight. The pets are not allowed on all the flights, so you must check for the list before departing for the airport. So, here a few things about Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy which you need to know before taking your pet along in the cabin:

  • You are allowed to take along only the domesticated dogs and cats in the cabin.

  • The pet should be in a leak-proof carrier which soft sides also, and must fit under the seat.

  • The dimensions of the kennel must not exceed 9x16x19 inches.

  • The pet carrier can have a maximum of 2 pets.

  • For all the pets, you need to pay fees of $100 per segment per carrier.

  • One passenger can carry only one pet carrier, and it must not have more than 2 pets.

  • The age of the pet must be at least 4 months.

  • Either at the airport or after boarding, the pet must remain in the kennel and will only be handled by the carrying passenger.

  • The pet must be harmless, non-disruptive and odorless.

  • The pet must not be ill, violent or in physical distress.

  • The size of the kennel should be such that the pet must not protrude from the carrier.

  • If you are travelling with the pet, you cannot have a seat in the exit row, one row behind and ahead of the exit row.

  • While travelling with a pet, you must check-in at the airport at least 1 hour before the departure. With this, the airline representative will ensure the guidelines of Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy.

  • The airline does not transport animals in the cargo section of the flight.

  • The passenger need not carry the health certificate of the pet.

  • The airline is not responsible for the health and well-being of the pets travelling in the cabin.

  • To get clarity on TSA security, you can contact the TSA government.

  • If the passenger does not follow the above guidelines, the airline can deny the boarding.

If you still got any queries about Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy, get in touch with the customer service of the airline. To reach the airlines' support team, which is available 24x7 for assistance, you can use the contact section of the Allegiant Air website.

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