Grasp particular about group booking on Alaska Airlines

When you have planned the trip in a group with a number of people, then by using the Alaska Airlines group booking procedure, you can complete the booking procedure and avail of different types of benefits simultaneously. But booking is made in a group and is subject to certain terms and conditions that need to be followed. And the information required for the group booking you might get here.

Mechanism for group booking on Alaska Airlines

Suppose you assist in the Alaska Airlines Group Booking. In that case, this title might solve your issue for the online group booking process, and another for the group booking is by calling the customer service team of Alaska Airlines. And the steps. By which you can take for group booking are as follows.

  • First and most, open Alaska Airlines' official website on your web directory or install the Alaska Airlines application.
  • On the web page, locate the group booking option.
  • And there you will get the group booking form; open that.
  • When you have opened the group booking form, you have to enter the details of every passenger, and when the form is finished, tap on the submit option.
  • Once your request gets to the customer service team, they will back you.

 Aware of rules and regulations for group booking on Alaska Airlines

So, when booking a flight ticket in a group, certain terms and conditions need to be followed while making a reservation. And the Alaska Airlines rules and regulations for group booking have been explained below for group travel.

  • The minimum requirement for group traveling is ten or more passengers.
  • While group booking is not mandatory, you will always receive a refund; sometimes, you might not.
  • You must inform the airline at least eleven months before the reservation. And all reservations must be conferred with this period of time.
  • When you have made the group travel but need to substitute for some reason, you can change your booking details.
  • Alaska Airlines permits the name change for free if you change your name 72 hours before the flight departure, but when you change the name within 72 hours, you have to pay the name change fee to complete the process.
  • You can make changes to the Alaska Airlines base fare on the base fare that does not include the tax or security charges or any other fee, but when the fee is applied, you might not be able to perform any changes on your group traveling.
  • On Alaska Airlines, there are different dates for the flight reservation for the 48 states, which is 60 days before the flight departure. For states like Hawaii, Mexico, or Central America, you must inform the airline 90 days before the flight departure.
  • But due to any reason, if you have to cancel the flight, then you are not entitled to a refund, but you might receive the fight credit for the outbound travel within a year from the date of issue.

Secure benefit from the group booking on Alaska Airlines

When you are going for the group booking on Alaska Airlines, you will also receive some benefits.

  • Group booking base fare is separate for the group traveling passenger and the separate travelers.
  • You get to change names for free if you are changing the name within 72 hours of the flight departure date.
  • You will not be charged with the ticketing fare on the group booking.

Thus, there is a benefit you can take for the group booking, and when you get doubts at any point, you can use the customer service option to clarify the doubts.

How do I make an Alaska Airlines group booking?

If traveling with a group of ten or more, you can easily book flights with Alaska anytime. You can contact the Alaska Airlines group travel desk at 1-800-445-4435 or +1 (802) 636-9417 for your group booking. The team at the group travel desk also offers a special discount for group booking. You can also get the group booking discount code and book the flight ticket individually at Besides, here is the general procedure for Alaska Airlines group booking; follow it for better understanding. 

Steps for Alaska Airlines group booking 

  • First, open Alaska Airlines' official website using the web browser else, install the Alaska Airlines mobile app 
  • On the website, locate the group booking page 
  • There you can access the group booking form; open it 
  • Once you open the group booking form, enter the details of every passenger in your group
  • Once the form is completed, tap on the submit button at the bottom
  • Once the Alaska Airlines group booking team gets your request, they will contact you soon. 

Conclusion: You can follow the process above for Alaska Airlines group booking anytime. If you still need assistance, call 1-800-445-4435 or +1 (802) 636-9417 and speak directly to the Alaska group travel desk. 

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