What is the cancellation policy of Air France?

Passengers who cancel their Air France flight within the active span of time are eligible to get some amount of refund. As per the Air France Cancellation Policy, passengers are allowed to cancel their flight within the risk-free period and get a full refund in return. The risk-free period of Air France, which is within 24 hours of making a reservation, allows passengers to cancel their travel or postpone their flight to another date in case of any emergency occurrence. To learn more about the Air France flight cancellation policy in detail, you can refer to the below-mentioned points.

Air France flight cancellation policy

  • Air France is fully committed to a 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy. It facilitates a full refund to passengers who cancel their reservations within 24 hours of making a ticket purchase. 

  • A cancellation charge depending on your time of cancellation, time left and departure, ticket type, and the condition are imposed on the bookings that are withdrawn after the free period of Air France.

  • The cancellation charges are calculated based on your ticket condition, route, cabin, type of cancellation and ticket, etc. 

  • Air France passengers who do not wish to travel anymore on their scheduled departure date can cancel their flight with the help of an online portal by visiting the official Air France web page. At the same time, you can contact the Air France customer service team and request them to cancel your flight after providing a few details regarding your flight booking.

  • In case you cancel a flight due to an emergency such as the death of an immediate person. You are eligible to claim the full refund by showing supportive documents like a death certificate. An Immediate person could be your family member, spouse, child, or parent.

  • If the Air France side has canceled the flight, then you can claim the compensation along with the full refund by contacting the airline's officials. In such cases, the flight has to be canceled by Air France. 

  • Canceling a non-refundable flight will not entertain you with any kind of refund. However, in these situations, you can get the same amount of travel credits in your Air France account, which is redeemable on the next booking of your flight within a year.

  • All the refunds for your canceled reservation with Air France are transferred back to your original payment mode within 7 to 10 working days after the authorized person has successfully issued it.

  • A Cancellation is a must of your Air France reservation in order to get the refund back from the airlines.

  • No cancellations are allowed if the flight has been departed from its origin as per the policy of Air France Airlines.

  • If air France imposes a no-show policy on your ticket, you are also not entitled to any refunds. 

  • Make sure to cancel your reservation as soon as you know that you cannot board the flight to get away with the cancelation charges. 

  • The cancelation fee increases simultaneously as the departure time of your Air France flight approaches. 

This was all the information regarding the flight cancellation with Air France and the airline's detailed policy. If you have further queries regarding your flight cancelation, you can get in touch with the customer support executive via call, email, live chat, social networking platforms, etc. The air France customer agents are available round the clock to provide better assistance to all its passengers. 

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