Everything you need to know regarding the Seat selection with Air China 

What is the seat selection policy with Air China? 

It's time that you fly to your travel destination with Air China as thy will provide you with a comfortable ride. Now, who doesn’t want to fly in a comfortable and advanced and one of the best seats in the airplane? And all of the passengers in fact try to choose their seats themselves only. Then, you should read the gist of the Air China Seat Selection policy as they benefit you as a passenger and help you select a seat. 

The gist of the Seat selection policy 

  • The methods to select your seat includes through the webpage, calling customer services, and then visiting the nearby airport. 
  • You can select your seat for free in the first 24 hours after you have purchased your flight ticket.
  • Nevertheless, if you select your seat after a risk period of 24 hours then you will have to pay the required seat selection fees. 
  • The airline never guarantees you the seat you select as it adheres to the seat availability and the eligibility of the passengers. 
  • You can book or select a seat from the time of purchase till the time of check-in. 
  • If you have booked your flight with the help of a travel agency or a travel agent then they are the ones who are required to provide you the complete assistance in selecting a seat or any other services. Air china won’t be able to provide you with any services in this case. 

Therefore, when you know the above-written rules and regulations for selecting a seat with Air China. Now that you know this it would be very easy for you to apply for seat selection now. Continue reading further to know how is it done. 

How to select a seat at Air China? 

The steps for the seat selection are very simple if done through the official webpage of the airline. Follow the steps written below and make sure to follow them accordingly :

Steps to select a seat at Air China 

  • The step to begin the procedure is to visit the official website of Air China. 
  • On the homepage, you will have to locate the “Manage Booking” option. 
  • Once located and opened then you will have to fill in your last name and your booking reference id, which will help you to find your flight details. 
  • When you have your flight details then you will find the option of modifying your flight right next to it. 
  • Then, you can modify your details and choose the seat for yourself. 
  • Pay the seat selection charges and that will end the process from your side. 
  • You will simply receive a confirmation mail from the mail address of Air China if your seat selection is approved. 

Now, the steps you will be able to select a seat, but you can also select a seat by calling the customer service of Air China or at the airport counter during the process of checking in. 

Closure Part 

This is the end of the information regarding Air China Seat Selection. Now, if you still have any doubt regarding the seat selection or any other services of Air China. Then you can simply communicate with the customer assistance team of the Airline and they will help you out in all the ways possible. The team is available at the counter for the complete day and the entire week. 

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