Air China Baggage Policy

To ensure that the checked baggage is transported safely and securely, all baggage must be packed appropriately and fastened with the capability of withstanding moderate pressure. However, there are some basic policies that passengers are expected to follow to travel on Air China.

Air China Checked Baggage Allowance

Weight and baggage dimensions decide free checked baggage allowance on Air China flights. There are some limitations of baggage weight and the class of cabin which decides the number of allowed baggage while traveling.

  • The standard baggage dimensions must not exceed a total of 158 cm (length + width + height, including wheels and handles).

  • For business class travelers, each piece of baggage must weigh between 2kg and 32 kg.

  • For premium economy and economy class travelers, the weight of each bag must be between the range of 2 kg – 23 kg. For additional weight, you might have to pay extra charges.

  • If any bag weighs more than 32 kg, it must be repacked and checked in as two pieces.

Air China Extra Baggage Charges

Apart from the checked baggage allowance, if the baggage weight is exceeded, some charges are applied depending on extra baggage weight. Mentioned below are the criteria on which the charges depend. 

  • For domestic routes, overweight baggage fees are calculated per kg, depending on the origin to destination mileage, at a rate of 1.5% of an adult economy class fare.

  • The charges depend on international routes' oversized, overweight, and standard baggage. These charges are charged in local currency and USD. Different people may need to pay the difference amount as per their currency.

Air China baggage rules

Apart from the baggage allowance and charges, some baggage rules are to be followed on Air China, which is mentioned below.

  • There is a minimum limit on the number of bags allowed in the aircraft. However, people are required not to carry more than seven bags. If you exceed the free baggage allowance, additional bags would only be accepted if enough space is available on the aircraft.

  • Although people are ready to pay for additional baggage, it would also be only allowed depending on the space available on the aircraft.

  • The baggage allowed in the aircraft also depends on the flight class. The different classes have different baggage allowances depending on the space on the aircraft.

  • Infant passengers of any class, whether its economy or business, can check in one baggage for free along with a folding cot or cradle or stroller. The maximum weight of the baggage should not be more than 23 kg.

The policies mentioned above and charges can surely help the passengers to know about the weight of baggage allowed and the charges of extra baggage on Air China. If you want to get any further information regarding the Air China baggage policy, you can contact the airline's customer service team. The support team works efficiently and can provide you with all the booking and baggage policy details. You can contact the executives through phone numbers, live chats, and email. The executives are available 24 hours a day to assist you in all the possible ways.

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