How to Redeem or Use an Air Canada Travel Voucher?

Air Canada provides four vouchers to the Passengers Air Canada Travel Vouchers, Electronic Travel Vouchers, and ACCredit, eCoupons. Passengers can redeem Air Canada Voucher in two ways via visiting the official website of Air Canada Airlines or calling customer service on the next flight booking. To save through the online process, you need to follow a few steps:

  • It would be best if you visited the official website
  • Click on Book my flight option.
  • Select the Destination, Date, and time from the available list of Flights.
  • Complete the required information.
  • Proceed with the payment methods.
  • You will see the voucher redeem option; click on it to save its prices for the selected Flight.
  • Click confirm to confirm the transaction.
  • You can use the coupon through this method for the next booking.

Types of Vouchers Air Canada Provides:

  • Air Canada Travel Voucher: Passengers can use these vouchers multiple times to book the next Flight at reasonable prices. These vouchers are handy, and you can also use Air Canada Travel Voucher to book hotels in Mexico.
  • Electronic Travel Voucher: These vouchers can be used once and issued by email. These are acceptable at Air Canada and Air Express.
  • ACCredit: These can be used for new reservations and buying travel products.
  • eCoupons: the airline has many eCoupons, a 15-digit code with a four-digit PIN. It can expire. 

Terms and conditions of Air Canada Travel vouchers:

The airline has several terms and conditions for the redemption of the coupons. Passengers must have the information regarding all the guidelines related to these vouchers:

  • Passengers must have used it before the expiry.
  • These vouchers are non - refundable and non - transferable.
  • You can't convert these vouchers into a cash form.
  • Passengers can use the voucher code multiple times until the owner redeems it.
  • If you lost the coupon, it could be replaced via emailing Air Canada Airlines regarding the replacement.
  • Passengers can get discounts on travel bookings of flights and Accommodation but need help to make full payment.
  • These vouchers are valid from the date of issue.

Air Canada Travel voucher has yet to have an expiry date. Electronic Travel vouchers and ACCredit vouchers do expire, and their expiration date is mentioned in the email, use these before the expiry. Airlines have their terms and conditions to accept the Ecoupons.

Can Air Canada Vouchers be used on other Airlines?

Passengers can only use Air Canada travel vouchers on Air Canada and Air Express. Still, it can transfer to other passengers by redeeming or Using an Air Canada Travel Voucher.

Under which Circumstances does the PassengerPassenger receive Travel Voucher:

  • Passengers who held tickets and flights got canceled or delayed due to extreme weather conditions. You will receive these vouchers as compensation from the Airlines.
  • If the passenger has applied for a cancellation request of a non-refundable ticket, you are entitled to receive the travel voucher.
  • If you are an Elite Passenger of Air Canada Airlines, you will receive a gift from the airline.
  • You have been denied boarding due to medical situations. The airline can give you a travel voucher for a refund. 
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