What are the changing policies of Air Canada?

With different passengers, the airline has to fulfill the wishes of every passenger. Some passengers come under the category who want to change their flight tickets to any other date. When tickets are booked on Air Canada, travelers ask queries related to how they can change the tickets on the airline. Air Canada is the line airline of Canada providing service to several passengers at one time. When it comes to its rules and regulations, every passenger has to follow the rules of Air Canada. Some policies related to changing flights are given below.

Air Canada changing flight policies:

To know all the Air Canada Flight Change Policy, follow the tips that will be useful for you to change the flight tickets and avoid the mistakes interrupting in between:

  • Travelers can change their flight tickets at any time, but the most profitable will be when they change the date within the day of booking as it does not cost any charge by the airline.
  • If there is an instant decision to change the tickets due to an emergency, passengers can change the tickets but have to pay some charges.
  • No changes will be made on the non-refundable tickets, lapsed, or used flight tickets. 
  • If travelers are planning to change their flight tickets, they are allowed to change them five to six hours prior to the departure timing of the airline.
  • The changes of changing flight tickets are according to the type of flight tickets you have booked.

Air Canada changing process:

Follow the steps to change the flight tickets if it is difficult for the passengers to know the method:

  • Go to the website of Air Canada through your devices.
  • Click on the ‘manage booking’ option and enter the reservation details given on the ticket. 
  • Tap on the change date option and set the date according to your plans.
  • Pay the charges if any are charged by the airline. Your tickets will get changed by the airline, and you will be sent mail regarding the information of new tickets details.
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