What happens if a passenger misses a flight on Qantas Airways?

If you have made a reservation with Qantas Airways and failed to check in on time for your flight, the airline will mark you as a no-show and keep the ticket amount. You can read Qantas Airways Missed Flight Policy to know more about this. However, in these types of cases, you should contact the airline and inform customer service.

The no-show policy of Qantas Airways 

The airline has made some rules and regulations for every type of situation. You can read the below points to know about the policy regarding no show or missed flights:

  • Qantas Airline will automatically cancel your return ticket if you do not show up for your flight.
  • If the passenger misses a flight, then they must contact the airline immediately. If the reason is valid, your ticket will not be canceled, and you might get a refund.
  • The passengers must pay extra charges to reschedule their tickets if they miss their flight.
  • The charges for the no-show depend on the ticket price and the arrival destination.

Different modes to reschedule your flight 

If you have missed your flight, the best option is to reschedule it by paying extra charges. There are different modes through which you can reschedule your flight, and if you want to know about the process and steps, then read the given information:

Via official website/ Mobile app - The first method to reschedule your flight is through the official website or the mobile app. Through this method, you can choose the options as per your choice. To use this option, you need to have a mobile or laptop and a stable internet connection. You can follow the below steps to reschedule your flight online:

  • Open Qantas Airline's official webpage, "https://www.qantas.com/in/en.html," or the mobile app.
  • Tap on the "Manage my booking" option.
  • Type "Booking reference number" and "Passenger last name."
  • Select the "Reschedule my flight" section.
  • Choose the flight timing and date as per your choice.
  • Pay the additional charges to reschedule your flight.
  • After that, download your flight ticket.

Via customer service phone number - Another best mode is to contact the airline customer service and speak to the representative about your problem. You can also ask the representative about any other problem and get an answer immediately. Use the given instructions to call the airline for flight rescheduling: 

  • Dial Qantas Airline's customer service phone number (022 6111 1818).
  • Choose from the IVR button to connect you with the representative.
  • Provide the flight details and discuss your problem.
  • After that, the representative will answer your questions and help you with the process.

Via Airport - If none of the methods work, then you can visit the airport and talk to customer service face to face. Visit the help desk of the airline at the airport. Tell them your flight details, then explain your problem, and they will provide you with the best option to help you. 

Hopefully, the above information must have answered all your questions, and you must have learned how to reschedule your flight. If you want any further assistance, then contacting the customer service of Qantas Airways might be the best option to get answers to your problem.

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