Can I select a preferred seat on Delta Airlines for free?

Delta Airlines provides a variety of seats and flight classes to its passengers that are tailored to their budget, preferences, and comfort requirements. If you want to get a free preferred seat on Delta, there are specific rules that you need to follow and criteria you need to qualify. Only Medallion Members of the concerned airlines are allowed for complimentary upgrades to Preferred seats. Your request for seat selection or upgrade depends on the seat availability.

What is the Delta Airlines seat selection procedure?

Most flyers lack information about Delta Airlines' seat-choosing process. Their website provides an excellent feature for selecting seats according to your preference. This feature simplifies the seat assignment procedure because it offers various benefits, such as a seat selection map and flexibility in picking the desirable seats. Moreover, this option is available during booking, check-in, and post-reservation time. Here are the steps you need to follow to secure a seat through their website.

  • Browse the official website of Delta Airlines to initiate the procedure.
  • Go to the "My Trips" tab located at the top of the home screen.
  • Enter your booking details, such as the confirmation number, last name, etc.
  • Press the "Go" icon to view your flight reservation details.
  • Visit the "Edit" section and select the "Change/Upgrade" seat button.
  • Choose the desirable seat and make the payment to secure it.

How much do you pay for a Delta seat assignment?

It is not so easy to determine the seat selection fee because it is influenced by many factors, such as the flight type you have selected, your membership with the concerned airlines, the seat type you have opted for, etc. On average, the Delta Airlines seat selection fee ranges from $15 to $30. However, depending on your membership, you may also get your desired seat for free. You can visit the respective airline's website to inquire more about their seat fee structure.

What are the Delta Airlines Preferred seat selection rules?

Once you have gone through the seat-choosing process and fee structure, the last step is to learn about Delta Airlines' preferred seat rules. This policy decides various crucial things, such as whether you are eligible for the seat you have selected, what rules you must follow, etc. You can visit the Delta website for a detailed view of their policy. Below are some of the critical ones listed.

  • Delta Airlines does not guarantee seat assignment based on passengers' choices; it depends on seat availability.
  • Preferred seats include exit row seats, bulkhead window and aisle seats, and window and aisle seats in the front of the Main Cabin.
  • These seats are non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-changeable and are available on Delta and Delta Connection Aircraft.
  • If you cancel your preferred seat before the 24-hour check-in window opens, you may receive eCredit for the purchase value.
  • Preferred seats are only available until the check-in window shuts on most of the flights operated by Delta Airlines.
  • Basic Economy passengers are not eligible to purchase the Preferred seats; however, the rest of the flight class members can purchase them.
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