Grasp information to travel with Pregnant women on Spirit Airlines

Traveling to your desired destination with Spirit Airlines is always beneficial, as the airline provides different facilities and services. The airlines also offer an allowance for pregnant women's travel as they understand that sometimes, even during pregnancy, traveling is essential. However, the airlines ask pregnant travelers to fulfill specific policies and make special assistance requests well in advance. Read below for further information about traveling with pregnant women on Spirit Airlines.

How many weeks pregnant can you fly Spirit Airlines?

If any pregnant woman is looking to travel with Spirit Airlines, then till the 7 month of the pregnancy, she can directly make the bookings. Still, in the 8th month of pregnancy, she wil need to provide health-related documents from the certified doctor and the examination must happen shortly before the flight's departure.

What are the policies of pregnant women on Spirit Airlines?

Before making flight bookings, having information about Spirit Airlines Pregnant women's policies is essential as it will help you know the documents required to travel, the time before you will need to make the bookings, etc. Still, if you are looking for pregnant women's travel policies, go through the below.

  • Bookings for pregnant women must be made at least 48 hours before departure, and on the departure date, Spirit Airlines will provide representatives to provide complete assistance.
  • Pregnant women who travel before 36 weeks after being confirmed as pregnant will not need to provide any travel-related documents.
  • Medical documents must be required by the airlines at the time of check-in and while making the bookings.
  • If the Physician disapproves of the pregnant woman; then airlines will allow them to travel.
  • If pregnant women travel to any international destination, they must also follow the policies of that country.

How do I make flight bookings for pregnant women on Spirit Airlines?

Different online and offline mediums are available, using which you can make bookings for pregnant women, and getting different options will help you if you are unable to make the bookings through the first mode, then you can use the alternative mode. You can directly call this 1(855)728-3555 and provide the complete travel information to the representative, who will help you make the booking. You can also use the official website of Spirit Airlines for bookings, and if you want to do that, you will need to go through the points below.

  • Search for the Spirit Airlines official website.
  • Next, tap over the new booking option and provide the destination and origin information.
  • Then, mention your travel dates, number of travelers, class of bookings, etc.
  • After that, search for the flight and select the flight at your convenience.
  • You must mention the contact information, email id, etc., chosen, and special assistance.
  • Next, provide all the necessary pregnancy-related details and save the information.
  • Last, make the payments and pay the charges for bookings

With the help of the above details, you will know Spirit Airlines' pregnant Woman still if you are looking for more information then you can also take the assistance with the expert of Spirit Airlines and they will provide you guidance.

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