How Many Bags does Delta Allow for Free?

When you plan with Delta for an international travel route, it is possible that you may get confused by the strict terms and conditions of the traveling luggage system with Delta. Hence, to begin and get well prepared for the travel, there are some points and sections to get through at Delta, and it will be termed in terms of does Delta allows free bags or the other norms which are in reference the luggage, such as checked bags, carry-on, and excess bags norms. However, to get the basic norms about the free Delta allowance for bags, follow this point: carry one bag and one personal item, which is not compiled for any charge. The free bags at Delta include a jacket, an umbrella, duty-free merchandise, and special items such as strollers, wheelchairs, assistive devices, crutches, etc.

Different baggage terms and conditions for Delta flight tickets:

Carry-on baggage at Delta: 

For Delta's carry-on policy points, you have to read the following section, and you will be able to understand the appropriate norms relating to does Delta allows free bags because with certain points referring to travel conditions, you get access easily. 

  • Every passenger traveling with Delta has been allowed to bring one carry-on bag or one personal item free of charge. This travel baggage condition consists of a (purse, laptop bag, or an item that easily fits in the front seat). 
  • For carry-on luggage, the size restrictions are going to be included with width + length + height (45 linear inches-114 cm)
  • For the individual bag limitations are going to be from (22"*14"*9"-56 cm*35 cm*23 cm). 

Checked or held baggage at Delta: 

While you need to gather the basic set of information, which is about the checked bag, then you are supposed to follow the detailed points for the checked bags, etc. 

  • You get 2 bags standard with 10 bags maximum (up to 4 bags of Delta connection)
  • The maximum dimensions - 62 inches or 157 centimeters (length + width + height)
  • Rather than this, get the maximum weight of around (50 pounds 23 kilograms).

Overweight baggage fees at Delta: 

In terms of the overweight baggage terms and conditions, you have to read the following pointers, and you will be able to get along with detailed information for the baggage fees. 

  • 51 to 70 pounds or 24 till 32 kilograms - $100, which, according to extra per bag
  • 71 to 100 pounds or 33 to 46 kilograms - $200 extra per bag.
  • The bags exceeding 100 pounds or 46 kilograms will never be accepted as checked or hold baggage. 
  • Bags greater than 115 linear inches or 292 cm will also never be included under the checked/hold baggage.

Delta sports baggage: 

Delta will always accept sports items like skis, golf bags, hockey, and fishing equipment. The associated fees will also apply to the sports equipment that you use to board with Delta. 

Henceforth, with the above-given information, one can easily determine does Delta allows free bags. With the baggage allowance information, one can contact Delta for the general terms and conditions for the fees and other necessary points.

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