What happens if I miss my connecting flight due to a delay with Qatar Airways?

If, due to the fault of the airline staff or delay in the departure of your first flight, you have missed your connecting flight with Qatar Airways. In that case, it can cause inconvenience for the passengers. However, they can be reassured if they have missed their connecting flight from Europe or if the flight was initiated from Europe. In that case, the flight will get protected by EU Regulation 261, as it gives the right to claim for the passengers the amount of up to €600 for their missed connecting flight. 

What happens when you miss your connecting flight because of Qatar Airways?

If travelers ever face this issue where Qatar Airways missed connecting flight due to flight delay and this happens due to the airline's fault, in that these are the scenarios that might happen to them, and they have to proceed in the same way mentioned here for you. 

  • 1 ticket 1 Airline

If your first flight is delayed and the connecting flight is also late in that case, there is a possibility to catch your connecting flight, and the airline needs to start its best to send the travelers to the next flight. 

  • 1 Ticket 2 Airlines

If you have to fly on the same ticket but with two different airlines, in that case, there must be a cooperation agreement between them. In these situations where "A" delays the flight and you miss your connecting flight with "B," in that case, this issue is required to be solved by "A" airlines only. 

  • 2 Tickets, 1 or 2 Airlines 

If travelers buy tickets with two different airlines, in that case, the risk of flying increases, and since you are not formally a transit passenger to them, they will immediately respond to you. This means that if you are late to board your second flight due to the delay in departure, you'll eventually lose any hope of getting compensation if you miss a flight. The return trip will also be canceled if the passengers have booked a round trip. Their passengers will not be able to proceed for the compensation of their flight ticket as well. 

How to claim compensation from Qatar Airways?

The compensation paid by the airlines for the inconvenience caused to them due to the airlines' fault is a standardized monetary compensation only intended for non-material damages caused by the loss of time of the passengers. 

Qatar Airways will provide the amount of compensation to the travelers depending upon various factors, including the distance between the departure and arrival points of the flight in the reservation:

  • If travelers miss a flight having a distance of 1500 km, the compensation amount will get up to 250 euros. 
  • If the distance of the flight ticket remains between 1500 km to 3500 km, then the passengers will receive compensation of up to 400 euros. 
  • If the passengers have missed their long-haul flight having a distance of 3500 km, in that case, the passengers will get a compensation amount of 600 euros.

In other words, if the passengers have missed a flight having a distance of more than 3500km and if its origin and destination are in Europe, in that case, the passengers will be entitled to a maximum compensation of 400 euros. 

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