How do I Select my Seat on Turkish Airlines? 

Are you having a flight reservation with Turkish airlines and need assistance with seat selection? You have come to the exact right place. Multiple passengers are quite particular about the seats and would like to select a seat in advance for their journey. Turkish Airlines offer optimum scope to travelers if they wish to select seats for Turkish airline reservations. 

People can contact the reservations department at Turkish airlines for seats and seating options. If you are unaware of the seating layout inside a Turkish airline plane, you can communicate with the customer support team to gather details. Let us consider Turkish Airlines Seat Selection in detail. 

Select Seats Online on Turkish Airlines?

Passengers can follow the step-by-step guide for seat selection at Turkish airlines. 

  • People need to access the seat selection tool online at
  • Passengers need to offer the following details: ticket number or reservations and passengers’ surname to access the seat selection tool for their flight. 
  • Once you have access to the seat selection tool, you can find the available seats for selection in green which are quite distinguished from the reserved seats in red. 
  • Passengers need to select any seat from the available options on the seat selection page. 
  • Proceed to the payment option and complete the payment for the Turkish airline's seat selection. 

Passengers will receive a notification from the airline via email consisting of their seat numbers and confirmed seat status. 

Stay open to a comfortable experience above ground. 

Seat selection offers a great experience to travelers as they are able to select the most comfortable seat according to their preference on the plane. 

Passengers can make a selection of seats based on the size, for instance, they can go ahead with large seats, personal monitors, and battery charging facilities in the Turkish airlines’ Economy class. 

Get an extra legroom seat for added comfort on a long flight. 

Travelers are able to reserve extra legroom seats on long flights allowing them to get instantly larger space for relaxing on the plane. Extra legroom seats have larger movement space along with some extra knee room so that you can enjoy your journey comfortably.

A baby seat is what you need. 

If you are someone who is traveling with a toddler then you can request a toddler seat on the plane. Seats for baby strollers are available easily and the airline staff is able to offer help to those who require a toddler seat on the plane. 

Emergency exit seats on the plane. 

Passengers can also travel comfortably using the emergency exit seats on the plane. Passengers must meet the emergency exit seat requirements in order to land an emergency exit seat on the plane for their journey. 

Note: Moreover, if you are traveling Business class on a Turkish Airlines plane, you can select seats free of cost for an international or domestic flight. 

Also, those who upgrade from an Economy class ticket to business class on Turkish airlines don't get a seat selection fee refund for their economy class seat selection. 

Can I select seats on Turkish flights during or after reservations? 

  • Passengers are able to reserve seats for themselves during or after flight booking at
  • People can select the ‘My Reservations’ tab on the homepage to proceed with seat selection for their flight after completing reservation formalities at Turkish airlines.
  • Passengers opting for Turkish airlines seat selection can refer to the multiple seat properties offered in Economy class that includes erectable arm support, foot support, etc. 
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